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by Clwyd Probert on August 30, 2015

Facebook Ads MarketingWhitehat SEO Ltd, a London marketing company, has published a comprehensive online guide on the best practices and techniques in using Facebook ads marketing. Facebook is the leading social media site in the world, with millions of personal members, and nearly as many business pages.

Studies show that social media marketing remains the top way for businesses to reach multitudes of consumers. Many businesses however, are unsure of how to proceed with their marketing strategies. Ron Stillman, marketing specialist, knows this plight all too well. Stillman observes, "Businesses know that they need social media marketing in order to succeed in today's technology-based world. They just don't know where to begin or how to implement the right strategies in order to get their businesses noticed."

Clwyd Probert of Whitehat SEO Ltd agrees and says, "Facebook Ads allow you to do marketing for your business, acquire fans for your business page, and create more leads. It makes possible for you to advertise a page or content you are managing on Facebook."

The comprehensive guide is designed to help businesses to better launch social media marketing, showing them how to effectively reach their targeted audiences using white hat SEO. Facebook can be effectively utilized to provide an audience for nearly any business. Probert notes, "If Facebook was a nation it would rank third in the world's population after China and just behind India." The social media giant is the leading marketplace for a number of businesses today, although it is important for businesses to know how to properly use it.

Creating a personal and a business profile is essential, which is one tip that the new guide offers. Companies that have never used Facebook as a means of advertising can learn strategies and tips to help them to put together an effective marketing platform and guide them to reach consumers that are legitimately looking for what they are offering.

"I see ads on Facebook all the time, and I have even clicked on a few", says one social media user. "I love how they match the ads to my interests." The new guide aims to help businesses tap into the social media market in an effort to raise awareness and profits.

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