Most Common Site Platform Wordpress Subject to Security Threat

by Clwyd Probert on September 13, 2015

Security Threat To WordPress Websites

Brute Force Attack Meant to Gain One's Password

London, UK, SEP 10, 2015 – In April 2015, there were nearly 170,000 Brute Force attack attempts on WordPress sites worldwide. This was almost a tripling of the previously recorded data to date. In keeping with their mission to educate website owners, White Hat SEO ( has just published a new blog post entitled 'Security Threat To WordPress Sites'.

Data protection key on keyboardThe article defines a Brute Force attack as an attempt to gain one's username and password combination. The article then discusses in detail the way WordPress site owners can review and make their sites more secure.

“Brute Force attacks are very resource intensive ,” states Clwyd Probert, author of the article and founder of WhiteHat SEO. “and only have a chance of succeeding if your passwords are not secure.”

The article states that the most important items to insure are a secure username and making sure the installation of WordPress being used is up-to-date.

“Roughly 90% of all the successful attempts are done through the ‘admin’ login,” stated Probert. “Remove any other user that you are not familiar with and you may also want to change the password of the email that is associated with the login. If they share the same password and your WordPress site is compromised, then your email will potentially be compromised as well.”

Another detail most overlooked is that of installing security plug-ins and keeping them up to date. They even recommend using a free plug-in called 'WordFence'.

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