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Video Sales - The Ultimate Guide for Making Video Selling Easy

Start generating more viewers and converting more prospects and leads with the help of The Ultimate Guide for Making Video Selling Easy.

The Power of Video


Video can help you to convert prospects and leads at a higher rate than copy alone. Video is an engaging, low-cost, and simple way to connect with potential customers in a personal and memorable way. According to Vidyard, including video in emails can improve click-through rates (CTRs) by 200-300% and improve meetings booked by 500%.

Shooting your videos may seem daunting, time-consuming, and expensive, but with just your iPhone or your laptop camera, you’ll be able to create a compelling video to send to a prospect in the next hour with these simple tools and recommendations.

Video can be used to help your customers make an informed buying decision. Whether you are directing prospects to your website, teaching them about your product, or simply providing additional information, the video gives you a platform to explain that you are here to solve the customer’s needs and are available for questions.

One of the most used sales techniques is to build a personal connection with your prospect. To do this, consider creating a short custom video to personalize your outreach.  Founder of socially-minded Comedy Abroad, Jon Selig, connects with prospects and followers by posting frequent videos on social media with advice and updates. He films his video content and often films himself while on the go. Jon does a great job connecting a face and a personality with his name and email address using the power of video.

Video marketing checklist

Your Video Creation Checklist

Before you shoot sales videos to convert prospects and leads, consider the following elements of video content creation. While these videos won’t have Spielberg-level production quality, here are some simple steps you can take to create high-quality,  compelling videos that will engage your prospects.

  • Location

Use a location with a simple background, limited distractions, and good lighting. While this is ideal, the best video is one that comes from you, so if you are on the go and want to make a quick video, go for it! Just make sure your voice is clear and your face is visible.

  • Sound

Ideally, you’ll be able to shoot a video somewhere with limited background noise. Try your home office, a conference room, your desk at work, or even a coffee shop that isn’t too noisy. You can try using headphones as well to keep the microphone close to your mouth.

  • Lighting

Make sure your face is fully lit up in your video. Shadows and poor lighting will make it hard for your prospect to see you. Aim for natural light as it looks the best on camera. You can also purchase a mini ring light for shooting videos at your computer or desk for only

$25 with an adaptable tripod for any desk setup.

  • Audio

For quick, easy videos, the main priority for audio is that your voice is loud and clear. The audio doesn’t have to be perfect quality, but using a smartphone with limited background noise will be sufficient to get your points across.

  • Camera

Smartphone cameras record pretty high-quality video these days. Use your phone or your laptop to record these quick videos. Most laptops have a built-in camera app or you can record directly using Facebook Messenger.

  • Software

For simple videos, use a tool like the iPhone video app, your PC or Mac camera app, or  Facebook Messenger. To record videos that can incorporate screen capture and more, try software like Vidyard GoVideo, CloudApp, or Camtasia.

  • Microphone

You can use your phone or computer’s microphone to record the audio, or borrow someone else’s phone and use the voice recorder app. Here is a guide to recording the best audio on an iPhone. Remember: the microphones are at the bottom of the phone near the speaker. Also, silence your phone so it doesn’t ring during the video.

  • Backdrop

The best backdrop is simple with limited distractions or decorations. Make sure you survey  what’s behind you (particularly in a home office.) If you have anything personal that you may not want a prospective client to see, put it away before you start recording.

  • Equipment

If you’ll be relying on your smartphone, consider buying a small, flexible tripod. For laptops, you can find adjustable laptop stands to get your computer at the perfect height and position to record video.

Video audience

Know Your Audience

Before you begin sending videos to all of your prospects and leads, get your contacts organised and learn more about the problems they are trying to solve, as well as personal details you can include in your videos.

Identify the problem you are solving for your prospect

Target a pain point that your prospect is experiencing, then create a custom video tailored to solve those needs. The more you incorporate specific examples to your prospects,  the more likely they are to engage and return for a follow-up call or meeting.

Know something about their interests or professional work

Do your research! Create specific video scripts and templates (more on this below) for certain categories. Perhaps you’ll have a different angle for prospects in the United States versus those in Europe or Asia. Do some digging and try to find a common interest or project they’ve worked on and incorporate those thoughtful details into your video.

Use social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter to learn personal details about your prospect. Try reading up on Glassdoor, Facebook, and Instagram to learn more about the company culture and current hiring needs. This will help you guide the conversation.

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Choose Your Video Type

Use Video When Prospecting

First Touch

This is your first outreach to the prospect or lead. This video is where you can show the client that you are a real person and not a robot. Take this opportunity to let them know you’re approachable and around to answer questions and support their decision-making journey.


Review what you discussed in the first interaction and reiterate the deliverables or action plan to move forward.


If you don’t hear back from the prospect/lead, try a simple check-in video. Ask if there are any blockers on their end that they are working through so you can be on the same page.

Business men closing deal with a handshake

Use Video to Accelerate and Close More Deals

Video isn’t just your secret weapon for prospecting. Accelerate and close more deals by using the power of video throughout the sales cycle.

Later in the deal cycle, screen share videos are one of the best ways to educate potential customers and keep them engaged.

They allow you to show and tell, which makes them an ideal format for explaining things. Make screen shares even more compelling by looking for a tool that allows you to record your face in the corner of the video.

There are a lot of different ways you can use video later in the sales process, including recording demos, sharing marketing content, and walking through proposals. Learn more about each one—what it is, why you’d want to use it, and how long it should be—in the table below.

Video Type

How does it feel?

Why Use It?

Optimal Length

Video Demos

Walking through your product or solution showcasing features—a pre-recorded asset or custom-created for each customer based on their use case, industry, etc.

Educate prospects and answer questions


Save time setting up multiple demos by recording a single video that can be shared


Control the messaging if a prospect needs

to loop in other stakeholders

6 mins. max.

Marketing Content

Sharing content— text, video, etc.—and explaining why it

would be of interest to the prospect

Keep prospects interested and moving along the buyer’s journey


Build trust and solidify your role as a helpful advisor by providing relevant information

1.5 mins. max.



Provide context that tells the prospect why they should care in a more engaging way


Video Proposals

Highlighting key points in a contract or proposal as an introduction to the full document when sharing it with a

prospective customer

Outline key areas before they do a deep dive into the document, making it easier to digest


Minimize the potential for sticker shock by reiterating the value

2 mins. max.



Highlight important things, major changes and additions you want to make sure the prospect sees during their review process




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Write Your Script

Writing video scripts for sales calls is quick and effective. Your videos should be under two minutes, which equals about 300 written words. For a one-minute video, shoot for 150 words. For a 30-second video, write about 75 words.

Reading a script word for word can sometimes appear too formal or unnatural, so try to keep it casual and remember concepts and points, rather than the script verbatim. You can also add personal touches or adapt these scripts to your preferences, like closing with “Cheers!” rather than “Thanks!”

Example Script: First Touch Video (30 secs)

“Hi [prospect name], I’m [your name]. I’m a [your title] at [your company], based in [your location.] I took a look at your website and learned a little about your company. It looks like you are working towards [insert goal here] and I think that [insert product/ service here] may help you to achieve that goal. I’d love to connect to learn about your current challenges. Do you have 15 minutes sometime this week? You can book time on my calendar below. Great to virtually meet you, have a great day!”

Example Script: Follow-Up Video (60 secs)

“Hi [prospect name], it was great to connect with you recently to talk through some of your current challenges. I’m sending you some links to a few blog posts [articles, ebooks, etc.] that go into more detail about what we discussed. I know you’re really busy so I wanted to explain a bit more about [topic] and reiterate the most important points:

[insert point here] 

[insert point here] 

[insert point here]

 Here’s a tip to help you improve [challenge]. I am excited to continue working with you and would love to walk you through a demo of our [product/service.] I’ve included a link to my calendar in this email if you want to book it directly. Hope this info helped, please email or call me with any questions, my contact info is in my signature. Talk soon!”

Example Script: Check-In Video (30 secs)

“Hi [prospect name], I hope you’re doing well. I wanted to check in to see how you’re doing. I found some updated statistics on [topic] that I wanted to share with you. [Insert relevant statistics or article here.] I’ve outlined them more thoroughly in my email, feel free to reach out if you are still interested in talking more about solutions for [challenge.] The link to my calendar is in my signature. Cheers!”

Example Script: Post-Sale Video (90 secs)

“Hi [prospect name], I’m so excited you’ve decided to partner with [your company.] [Product/service] is a great fit for you and we are going to solve [challenge] in no time. If you have any questions as you begin your relationship with us, please don’t hesitate to ask me,.I am here as a resource for you.

In order to maximize your success, I’ve included some links to helpful onboarding documents with the resources folks say help the most at the start. From here, you’ll begin working with [account manager, implementation specialist] but I am always around to direct you to the right people. I’ve already given them

a heads up to take good care of you during this process. You can also always contact customer support, I included the link to reach out to them in my email.

I hope you’ve had a great experience as well and if you are interested in letting others know about us, I’ve included a link to our referral program in this email. You can get some great perks from it as well!

It’s been wonderful working with you, thanks again for choosing us, [your name.]”

Example Script: About Our Brand Video (30-60 secs)

Hi there, great to virtually meet you. I wanted to tell you a little bit about our brand, myself, and how we might be able to work together. Our [product/service] helps [users/audience] solve [challenge] by [what your product/service does.] Our customers

say that we have helped them by simplifying [problem.] My name is [your name] and I am here to help you with any questions or concerns you may have. My contact info is listed in my email and I’ve love to set up some time to talk. Thanks and looking forward to working together!”

Sharing Your Video

To send your prospective customer the video you’ve created, you’ll need to email the video or send it via social media. Below, we’ve included email templates to go along with some of the common types of sales templates to help you sell better and connect with more potential buyers.

In addition to directly emailing your videos using an automated tool like HubSpot Sales, you can also direct message your prospects once you’ve connected with them on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Email Template: First Touch Video

Subject Line: Are you facing [challenge]?

Email Body: Hi [prospect name],

I took a look at your website and wanted to share some thoughts in a brief video and introduce myself.



[link to video]


Here’s a link to my calendar [meeting calendar link] if you might have 15 minutes sometime this week to connect. Looking forward to meeting with you!



[your name] [email signature]

Email Template: Follow-Up Video

Subject Line: Following up on [goal]

Email Body: Hi [prospect name],

Thanks for our great conversation. Here are some thoughts and more information I found after our call recently.



[link to video]


[Information from video]


Here’s a link to my calendar [meeting calendar link] if you are interested in that demo. Looking forward to showing you what our [product/service] can really do.



[your name] [email signature]

Email Template: Check-In Video

Subject Line: Resource for [topic]

Email Body: Hi [prospect name],

I recently found some information on [topic you’ve discussed.] Here are some interesting tidbits I learned:



[link to video]


[Statistics/information from video]


Are you still facing [challenge]? Let me know if you have any new goals we can discuss. Looking forward to hearing from you.



[your name] [email signature]

Email Template: Post-Sale Video

Subject Line: Welcome aboard [prospect name]

Email Body: Hi [prospect name],

Welcome to the family! I was so glad to hear that you decided to move forward with [your company.]



[link to video]


Like I said, I’m here if you need me and you’ll be in good hands with [account manager/implementation specialist] and our great support team [link to contact support.] Here’s the link for our referral program [link to referral program] if you are interested.

Best of luck and let me know if you have questions as you get ramped up!



[your name] [email signature]

Email Template: Educational/Informative Video

Subject Line: [Topic]: Explained

Email Body: Hi [prospect name],

I know that [topic] can be hard to understand and explain (to managers/execs in particular.) Here’s a simple explanation that you can send them to help you better explain how [product/ service] can help solve [challenge.]



[link to video]


Here’s a link to my calendar [meeting calendar link] if you are interested in a demo of our [product/service.] The more, the merrier so feel free to add anyone else from your team to the invite. Looking forward to connecting.



[your name] [email signature]

Email Template: About Our Brand Video

Subject Line: A little about [your company] Email Body: Hi [prospect name],

How are you? I wanted to go through a little about our company and mission. I feel that our companies align well together and wanted to share a bit more in this video.



[link to video]


Here’s a link to my calendar [meeting calendar link] if you might have 15 minutes sometime this week to connect and see how we may be able to solve some of your current challenges. Feel free to reach out with any questions, thanks.



[your name] [email signature]

Email Template: Completed Action On Your Website/Trigger Event Video

Subject Line: Success! How [action] leads to [next step]

Email Body: Hi [prospect name],

Looks like you [achieved/took a look at] [action/blog post/ website page.] Here’s why I’m excited:



[link to video]


I’d love to go through some next steps. Do you have 15 minutes this week [calendar link] to talk? Looking forward to meeting with you!



[your name] [email signature]

Email Template: Quick Product Demo Video

Subject Line: Personal tour of [product/service] Email Body: Hi [prospect name],

I’m so glad to hear that you are interested in a personalized demo of our [product/service.] Here’s a preview of the demo that you can share with your team and I’ve included a link to sign up below. Feel free to forward this email to anyone else who may want to join the demo.



[link to video]


[link to demo sign up]


Looking forward to showing you around and giving you/your team a personalized demo. Let me know if there are any specific areas you’d like me to focus on. Thanks!



[your name] [email signature]

Email Template: Follow-Up After Phone Call Video

Subject Line: Leaving a message after the beep Email Body: Hi [prospect name],

I just left you a quick voicemail and wanted to follow up on some key points:



[link to video]


Here’s a link to my calendar [meeting calendar link] if you might have 15 minutes sometime this week to reconnect. Looking forward to meeting with you!



[your name] [email signature]

Email Template: Upselling Free/Lower Tier Customer Video

Subject Line: Using [product/service] for [x amount of time] Email Body: Hi [prospect name],

I noticed that you’ve been using [product/service] for [x long.] I wanted to talk through how you’re using the product and what other solutions we have. Here’s a brief overview of some features you and your colleagues may not know about:



[link to video]


Do you have 15 minutes this week for a conversation about how you are using our products? Here’s a link to my calendar [calendar link] if you would like to connect. Looking forward to hearing from you.



[your name] [email signature]



This guide will help you create custom, quick videos to help move prospects down the sales funnel. However, the first challenge for you is hitting the record button and trying it for the first time. If the idea of filming yourself is intimidating, try a few sample videos when you are by yourself or with a close colleague or friend. The numbers don’t lie, Vidyard found that 90% of customers report videos to influence purchasing decisions and 75% of late-stage prospects finally decided to purchase after receiving a custom video message from a sales rep. Use technology to your advantage and put a face to your emails. A few minutes at the beginning of your week could change the course of your sales cycle!

Happy Filming!


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