Best Pay-Per-Click Management Companies in the UK

by Michael Talburt on September 11, 2019

Pay-per-click campaigns are one of the most efficient marketing strategies to employ. However, dealing with search engine ad algorithms makes it more difficult to get your advertisements seen by your targeted audience.

Without knowing the best content and marketing strategies, the likelihood your PPCs are seen by the right people at the right time is diminished.

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Fortunately, pay-per-click management companies are your greatest advantage when optimising your campaigns. In the UK, the best pay-per-click marketing companies have years of experience and knowledge of search engine and social media platforms to get you to the top.

From increasing conversion rates to making the most out of your ad spend, the best PPC agencies in the UK work with you to bring new meaning to success. Read on to discover some of the best pay-per-click management companies serving businesses like yours around the United Kingdom.

4 Outstanding UK-based PPC Management Companies

Impression Digital


Impression Digital is a PPC agency recognised for their data-driven insights and creative strategies to create campaigns tailored to your goals and personalised for your audience. They have been recognised with the Best Small PPC Agency award from the European Search Awards which means they offer only the best marketing services for you. This pay-per-click marketing company is experienced in both search and social platforms, giving you an edge over competitors in numerous areas of the web.

One of Impression Digital’s strong suits is working with Google AdWords. As a premier Google Partner, this PPC agency is acknowledged by Google to provide quality service for all clients. There are no reasons to not work with one of the best PPC agencies that thoroughly understands a search platform that has recognised them to be one of the top management companies. Not only has years of experience allowed Impression Digital to understand how Google Ads works, but they will also invest the time needed to understand your needs in order to create a marketing strategy that fulfils and excels past them. This PPC agency strives to raise your standards to match the levels of success you can expect by working with them.

As a Google Partner, Impression Digital also provides excellent service in Google Search, Shopping and Display campaigns. Having this vast background allows their experts to find a marketing method that best advances your business. When you are equipped with your most promising campaign strategy, you can expect maximised ROI through Impression Digital’s data-driven techniques and experience working with Google campaigns.

When optimising your Google Ads, the pay-per-click management company targets your audience through strategies such as:

  • location targeting
  • remarketing
  • keyword optimisation

Tailored advertisements based on collected data through these methods allow you to focus on people who are more likely to be interested in your business and convert. The integration of these techniques eliminates the need to guess who to advertise to which only leads to the wasting of time and money.

Working with Impression Digital provides you with insight as to where your best conversion and business opportunities lie. You can then invest in additional marketing strategies that return the results you strive for.

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Absolute Digital Media


Absolute Digital Media integrates advanced technology and their innovative mindsets to bring you maximum campaign success. With experience across many search platforms, such as Google and Amazon, and social media platforms, such as Pinterest and LinkedIn, your audience gets exposure to your business through various mediums.

When working with the PPC agency, your campaigns are always in your control. Absolute Digital Media provides the resources and expertise needed to execute them. Whether you need a brand-new campaign to start your business off strong or a redesigned advert to better suit your needs, this pay-per-click management company ensures you are constantly progressing. Also, with their marketing analysis methods, you can be confident that you are utilising the right campaigns on the best platforms to appeal to your target audience.

Absolute Digital Media’s PPC services assist you throughout the entire customer journey for your business. As one of the best pay-per-click management companies, this PPC agency performs keyword research to identify your most promising keywords to connect you to your desired audience. Not only that, the PPC management experts know how to tailor campaigns that speak to individuals and give them what they want through engaging ads. Doing so drastically increases traffic to your site.

However, their service does not stop there. Absolute Digital Media’s team also consists of designers who help create optimised landing pages to convert internet users into potential customers and potential customers into loyal supporters. The team also takes time to understand the mindset of your potential customers in order to increase conversion rates while minimising marketing spend. This collectively allows you to effectively direct traffic where you need it so you do not waste a penny in your budget and your PPC campaign remains as effective as possible.

After establishing solid PPC campaigns, Absolute Digital Media provides you with monthly reports and analytics about your advertisements. These features keep you updated on the progress of your marketing strategy. If certain techniques fail to bring in the numbers you expect, you can work with the PPC team to make needed adjustments where you see fit in order to suit your evolved goals. The prioritisation of you and your business can be seen through Absolute Digital Media’s work ethic and services that are known to keep you ahead of your competition.

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PPC Geeks


The team at PPC Geeks are Google Ads specialists. With more than 15 years of experience, they know the ins and outs of the most popular advertising system and have developed the expertise to make the most out of your ad spend. You can reach new customers that are of value to your business rather than concentrating your PPC campaigns in areas with less promise.

With their AdWords analyses, you can:

  • visualise the progress of your campaigns
  • understand what methods work and what do not
  • make appropriate changes to the strategies that fall short

With PPC Geeks, you can abandon methods that do not appeal to your audience and that ultimately drain your financial resources. In addition to their AdWords analyses, PPC Geeks’ free audits give you the opportunity to understand how your business is viewed by searchers and where your business stands amongst competing companies. This provides insight into your strong and weak points so you can fully optimise your campaigns with the PPC agency.

When partnering with PPC Geeks, your AdWords account is supported not only by PPC experts but also by a whole team of marketing specialists. Website designers, copywriters, and data analysts are some of the professionals who will ensure your campaigns are fully optimised and successful in your terms.

They perform the needed research and testing, such as keyword optimisation and split testing, to ensure you are presented in the right light for your targeted audience through AdWords. PPC Geeks believe in optimising your entire marketing strategy in order for your PPC campaigns to bring in and encourage the most conversions.

The experts at PPC Geeks manage your accounts daily to ensure your campaigns continuously bring in potential customers so not a day goes to waste. Because businesses change over time and consumer demands fluctuate, this pay-per-click management company monitors your campaigns and suggests crucial adjustments needed to maintain relevant, informative and compelling adverts. You can depend on them to formulate marketing strategies that increase conversions with no stress to you. With PPC Geeks, concentrate on your business’s operations while PPC professionals bring the people in for you.

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Genie Crawl


From Google Ads to Facebook advertisements, Genie Crawl provides full PPC services to attract your audience to your business. To increase traffic to your site, experts at this pay-per-click management company practices keyword and customer research in order to formulate the best PPC campaign for you. With in-depth keyword analyses, for example, you can determine the most relevant and popular keywords your business can benefit from.

By studying and understanding search engines, the team at Genie Crawl know how to optimise keywords and how to beat advert placement algorithms by search engines like Google. This ensures your adverts are seen by potential customers and give them exactly what they are looking for.

In order to persuade individuals to look into your business, quality advertisements are necessary and the team at Genie Crawl will provide just that. This PPC marketing company will design adverts and test each one to see which is most effective so you can allocate your budget wisely. This method also allows them to understand the type of campaign most suitable for your audience and how to take advantage of those insights.

To add on, Genie Crawl PPC experts can help design landing pages for greater traffic and more promising conversion rates. Their constant monitoring of your campaign will ensure that poorer performing campaigns are improved and your overall traffic, conversions and ROI improve significantly over time. Genie Crawl’s marketing strategy allows you to increase your brand visibility through search platforms which only bring greater traffic to your business.

As a newer PPC agency and one of the best PPC marketing companies, Genie Crawl also provides modern marketing techniques for clients. One of the increasingly popular marketing strategies is through social media platforms. The team at Genie Crawl takes advantage of the largest social network – Facebook.

Because Facebook provides user data, such as interests and geographical location, the PPC agency takes advantage of these features to target your desired audience. Knowing users and their behaviour patterns allows your adverts to be seen by the right people.

In addition to exposure to the right people, Genie Crawl designs quality and competitive advertisements so you can rise above competing adverts. To keep up with trends, this pay-per-click marketing agency’s full PPC service also includes formulating a mobile marketing strategy to increase mobile conversions since this is where many customers will be coming from. Keeping up with trends through advert content and platforms allows Genie Crawl to increase awareness of your brand through popular social platforms which keeps your business relevant.

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