Why Business Owners Should Be Doing Facebook Advertising

by Michael Talburt on May 2, 2017


Facebook is the biggest social networking site with 1.23 billion daily active user around the world. Why not integrate your digital marketing strategies through Facebook Advertising and Remarketing today?


Your Future Customers are on Facebook


Around 1.23 billion use Facebook every day, and at least 1.15 billion of them access Facebook from their mobile phones. These numbers alone show that Facebook is the biggest social networking site.


The average Facebook user spends more than 50 minutes a day across Facebook’s suite of applications. This gives you almost an hour for your Facebook ads to catch these people’s attention.


Facebook Influences Customers’ Buying Process


Facebook Business says that almost half of all in-store purchases are influenced by digital interactions. They also report over one million shop visits per day in 100,000 locations.


A growing number of business owners use Facebook Ads’ Offline Conversions API to verify that people seeing their ads are making in-store purchases. A study by Vision Critical adds that nearly one in three Facebook users has purchased a product or service after sharing, liking, or commenting on it on Facebook.


What your Competitors are Doing?


Around 65 million businesses are on Facebook, and five million of those businesses are active advertisers on the site. Nearly 86 percent of social marketers already regularly use Facebook ads as well.


Almost 90 per cent of B2C marketers are using Facebook ads, compared to 79 percent of all B2B marketers.


Where Facebook Advertising is Heading


More businesses are beginning to see the power of Facebook Advertising. This year, around 80 per cent of business-to-consumer marketers and 68 percent of business-to-business marketers are interested in learning about Facebook ads. Meanwhile, 57 percent of businesses plan on increasing their use of Facebook ads.


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