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Create a Landing and Thank You Page for an eBook

A landing page is a great way to drive traffic, improve your SEO and build your brand. 


Follow the steps below to create your landing and thank you page.

Step 1: First you have to create the cover of the eBook, which will be used on the landing page. Therefor save the first page of the eBook as a jpg file. 

Step 2: Download the eBook Cover Template, which you can find in the Attachments section.

Step 3: Open your Internet Brower and move to .

Step 4: Scroll down until you find the PIXLR Editor and click on LAUNCH WEB APP.

pixl editor

Step 5: Click on OPEN IMAGE FROM COMPUTER and select the eBook Cover Template.


Step 6: Now click on Layer and then Open picture as layer and select the first page jpg file which you saved within Step 1 of Part 2.

Step 7: Click on Edit and then Free distort... Try to move the corners of the layer picture to the corners of the background picture so that they fit.

e-book for inbound marketing for hotels

Step 8: After you are pleased with the new arrangement, please right-click on layer 2 and select Flatten image which will bring together the layer and the background.

how to flatten images

Step 9: After that the cover is created and you can save it as a png or jpg file.

Step 10: Open your internet browser and move to the marketing dashboard on HubSpot: 

Step 11: Click on Marketing, File & Templates in the navigation and then File and move into the folder Whitehat-eBooks.

Step 12: Upload the eBook cover and the eBook into this folder.

Step 13: Then click on Marketing, Websites and then on Landing PagesInto the search field insert “Tips for a successful Inbound Marketing”. Which will give you two results.

Step 14: You can use those pages as templates for your new landing and thank you pages. Start with the thank you page, which has the acronym WH-AW-TYe. Move the cursor to the right side and move over the thank you page row. You will see a button which says Clone, push it.

Step 15: Change the title from WH-AW-TYe: Download Tips for a Successful Inbound Strategy (Clone) to WH-AW-TYe: Download Title of eBook

Step 16: You will be forwarded and can now edit the thank you page. Normally you just have to change five things on this page.

sample thank you page
  1. Start with changing the headline.
  2. Exchange the link behind from the "Download Your eBook Here!" button with the new one. The link, which need to be insert, can be found here (Marketing → Files and Templates → Files → “Whitehat eBooks” folder):
    inserting  a new link
  3. Change the image cover.
  4. Change the description.
  5. Click on Settings and change the page title, the URL and the meta description.

Step 17: Save the page and then publish it.

Step 18: Redo Step 12 and 13 but this time with the landing page, which has the acronym WH-AW-LPe.

Step 19: Again you will have to change 5 things on this page.

editing a hubspot blog
  1. Start with changing the headline.
  2. Change the description.
  3. Change the cover.
  4. Create a new form cloning the one named “WH-A: Tips for a successful Inbound Marketing”. To do this, in the general menu go to Contacts → Lists → Forms and search for it. Then clone it, naming it “WH-A: eBook name”. Now you can come back to the Landing Page and click on the form: a new window will open. Under “Form” choose the new one you have just created. Furthermore, change the redirection page by selecting your new thank you page. Click on save by using the button at the bottom. In order to be able to select your thank you page, you have to publish it first. Therefore we did the thank you page before.

5. Change the page title, the URL and the meta description.

Step 20: Save the landing page and publish it. 

You have now finished creating your landing and thank you page!

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