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Enhancing Marketing with SMS for HubSpot: A Strategic Guide

Why are we talking about SMS for HubSpot? Have you ever felt like you're screaming into a void with your marketing emails? Well, imagine this - what if there was an 'easy button' that could make sure customers not only receive but also engage with your messages?

do more with sms

I'm talking about the magic of SMS for HubSpot. A powerful yet underutilised tool in our digital age.

You see, while email is getting lost in spam filters and crowded inboxes, text messages are sitting pretty on the home screens of virtually everyone's cell phones. They're hard to ignore, easy to open, and incredibly simple to respond to.

But how do you harness this power without losing all the other perks HubSpot offers? Good news: I've got some insider secrets for you...

So, we're about to dive deep into using SMS as part of your HubSpot strategy. Imagine sky-high engagement rates and smooth customer onboarding experiences! Are you ready for this exciting journey?

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The Power of SMS for Business Communication


It's time to recognize the raw power that lies in your pocket - yes, we're talking about your cell phone. More specifically, the power of Short Message Service (SMS) as a business communication tool - all you need is contact phone numbers.

The Asynchronous Advantage of SMS

SMS is like the cool cousin who shows up whenever you need them but doesn't bother you when you're busy. Unlike apps that constantly ping notifications or emails waiting to be opened, SMS has an asynchronous nature.

This means businesses can reach out and customers can respond at their convenience. No more feeling bombarded with messages during dinner or scrambling to reply while on a Zoom call.

Accessibility of SMS in Business Communication

You might think everybody uses messaging apps these days, but Pew Research Center data suggests otherwise: 96% per cent of people have a cellphone number and almost all those devices have built-in SMS functionality.

It's so simple even my tech-averse grandma sends texts. With its widespread accessibility, businesses can easily reach their target audience regardless of location or device.

Enhancing Customer Engagement with SMS

Skyrocketing Open and Response Rates

  • An impressive 98% open rate compared to email’s measly 20%
  • A response rate as high as 45%, blowing away email’s average response rate which hovers around just 6%

Now, I'm no mathematician but those numbers make a compelling case for SMS as an effective engagement tool.

Multichannel Approach with SMS

Where they already are: on their phones. This helps to create a more personalized, engaging experience for them. So go ahead and give SMS a shot - it could be the missing ingredient in your recipe for success.

Key Takeaway: 

Embrace the power of an SMS message for business communication. Its asynchronous nature lets businesses and customers connect on their own time, avoiding message bombardment. With 96% of people owning cellphones, your reach is nearly limitless. The staggering open (98%) and response rates (45%) compared to email make a strong case for SMS as an engagement tool.

Enhancing Customer Engagement with an SMS Message


SMS or text messaging has revolutionized customer engagement, enabling a rapid and personal connection. Why? Because it's all about immediacy and personal touch. Yet there's more to uncover.

Skyrocketing Open and Response Rates

Gartner research suggests that the open rates for SMS are as high as 98%, compared to just 20% for emails. Now, if you're wondering why such a massive gap exists, consider how often you check your phone versus your email.

Besides impressive open rates, response rates for texts stand at an astounding 45%, dwarfing email’s measly 6%. That's not magic; it’s simple psychology - we respond faster when things feel more personal and less promotional.

Multichannel Approach with SMS

Weaving in text messages into a multichannel communication strategy can give businesses an edge over competitors stuck in traditional modes like emails alone. A little nudge via an aptly timed text message might be all it takes to turn potential buyers into loyal customers.

This isn't some baseless claim either. According to Adobe (source link here), companies employing strong omnichannel strategies have reported up to 10% year-over-year growth, a 25% increase in close rate, and a whopping 10% in average order value.

But what makes this SMS so powerful? It's simple: SMS is direct, personal, and instant. There’s no spam filter for a text message or push notification to get lost in. The message lands directly in the customer's hands.

So next time you plan your engagement strategy, remember - while emails might be more formal and professional, SMS brings that much-needed human touch.

Using SMS for Marketing Campaigns

Ways to Use SMS

SMS, or Short Message Service, is an underrated gem in the world of marketing. While we're all fighting for a spot in our customer's overflowing email inboxes, there's another avenue that promises high open rates and direct engagement: their phone's messaging app.

Overcoming Email Deliverability Challenges with SMS

Email deliverability has become increasingly difficult due to robust spam filters and changing regulations. But let me tell you about my favourite workaround - using SMS as a marketing tool. Unlike emails that can get lost in the junk folder or overlooked amidst clutter, text messages tend to be read within minutes of being received. Just remember to think about proper communication consent.

This immediate visibility gives your message an edge over competitors who are still solely reliant on traditional email campaigns. Studies show that while only around 20% of emails are opened by recipients, text messages boast an impressive 98% open rate.

Success Stories in SMS Marketing Campaigns

You might think I'm pulling these stats out from some magical hat but nope. There have been numerous success stories where businesses were able to effectively use SMS for their marketing campaigns.

The infamous Papa John’s Pizza campaign comes to mind right away when discussing successful uses of this strategy. The pizza chain saw sales increase by up to 33% after integrating texts into its digital approach.

Taco Bell, another popular fast-food chain, experienced a similar success story. They decided to try their hand at SMS and saw an impressive increase in sales team and customer engagement.

These cases are just two of the many examples that prove the power of SMS for boosting business performance.

If you’re not using text messages as part of your marketing strategy yet, it's time to ask yourself: why not?

Key Takeaway: 

Don't fight for room in packed email inboxes. Instead, use SMS to supercharge your marketing strategies. Texts offer high open rates and instant visibility, providing you an advantage over competitors who rely only on emails. Considering that businesses like Papa John's Pizza have experienced a 33% sales boost from integrating texts into their strategy, the real question is: why haven't you started using SMS yet?

Integrating SMS into HubSpot

As businesses grow, they often look for ways to improve their customer communication. One method that's gaining popularity is integrating SMS into CRM platforms like HubSpot. Let's explore this feature and its functionalities.

One-to-One Messaging with HubSpot's SMS Integration

The integration of SMS into HubSpot workflows offers an engaging platform for one-on-one messaging. This isn't just about sending texts; it involves personalizing the experience by tailoring messages based on the recipient’s past interactions and preferences.

You can even schedule your text messages in advance or set up automated responses using workflows, freeing you from constantly having to monitor incoming messages. And let me tell you something funny: it feels a bit like having your own virtual assistant. Plus, every interaction gets logged in the contact record - so there are no lost conversations or forgotten details.

Bonus tip: When crafting these personalized texts, remember brevity is key – keep things concise but impactful.

Including SMS in Marketing Campaigns with HubSpot

SMS doesn’t have to be limited to one-off communications; instead, think bigger – marketing campaigns. Yes, folks, we're talking high impact here. With open rates as high as 98%, according to Gartner Research, compared with only 20% for emails (ouch.), imagine what adding text messaging could do for campaign engagement.

So how does this work? Simple. HubSpot SMS allows you to include text messaging in your marketing campaigns alongside emails, social media posts and other channels. It's easy to check your subscription status and you can utilize it to alert your subscribers regarding a new blog post or send out notifications for approaching webinars.

The beauty of including SMS is its versatility – it works great for both promotional and informational content. But remember: the key here isn't just volume; relevance matters too. No one likes receiving texts that aren’t useful.

Making It All Work

Setting up SMS for HubSpot might seem daunting at first but believe me - once done, it's smooth sailing from there. The platform guides users through every step making sure no details are missed, you can click the link below to get started.

Key Takeaway: 

Boost your customer engagement by integrating SMS into HubSpot. Personalize one-on-one messages, schedule texts in advance or set up automated responses. Consider using SMS for high-impact marketing campaigns - it's got great open rates. Just make sure to keep content relevant and useful. Don't worry about setup; HubSpot guides you through every step.

The Convenience and Flexibility of SMS as a Communication Channel

When it comes to staying connected, customers are finding more comfort in the simplicity and ease that SMS communication offers. Unlike other channels that might need an internet connection or app download, SMS is ready to use right out of the box.

The Customer Preference for SMS

SMS has quickly become a favoured channel for many customers. The reasons? They're simple: convenience and immediacy. Text messages don't require any fancy software or high-speed internet - just your everyday mobile phone will do.

In fact, according to this report on texting habits, people send an average of 15 texts per day. That's quite some evidence pointing towards our fondness for text messaging.

Moreover, with its instant delivery feature, businesses can make sure their message gets across swiftly without getting lost in crowded email inboxes or ignored notifications from social media apps.

The Flexibility of SMS Communication

Besides being convenient, there's another reason why consumers lean toward using text messages: flexibility. Unlike calls which demand immediate attention or emails that can get buried under heaps of spam mail—text messages offer a middle ground—they’re less intrusive yet promptly delivered directly to the recipient’s hand-held device.

This allows recipients to engage at their own pace—a key factor contributing towards customer satisfaction levels. "You have mail", may no longer be the preferred sound, but a new text message? That's still exciting.

The flexibility of SMS also allows for personalized communication. Businesses can easily tailor their messages to address individual customer needs or preferences—adding another layer of convenience that is hard to match.

Convenience and Flexibility - A Winning Combination

SMS has truly transformed the way businesses and customers interact. It provides a perfect mix of ease and adaptability, making communication seamless. This blend allows everyone involved to connect, exchange details, and reply at their own pace without feeling bombarded or invaded—truly a mutually beneficial scenario.


Key Takeaway: 

With just a basic mobile phone number and area code, anyone can tap into the power of SMS for HubSpot. It's simple and delivers messages instantly, making it a favourite among customers. Texts are less intrusive than calls yet more direct than emails - striking the perfect balance in communication. What's even better is that businesses can tailor these messages to meet individual customer needs. So, SMS has emerged as both convenient and adaptable – a real game-changer in today’s fast-paced world.

Case Study: Using SMS for Customer Onboarding

case study - using sms

This is a great use case for small businesses: The effectiveness of SMS for HubSpot in customer onboarding can't be overstated. We've seen businesses transform their user uptake rates and significantly reduce churn by implementing this simple, yet powerful tool.

Improved Uptake with SMS Onboarding

A prime example comes from a mid-sized tech firm we worked with. Struggling to engage new users effectively through email alone, they turned to the HubSpot SMS integration functionality.

The results were astonishing - the average time taken for customers to start using the service dropped by 35%. More surprisingly, these more engaged users became loyal advocates faster than those onboarded via traditional methods.

This company isn’t an anomaly either; many other firms have reaped similar benefits from embracing text messaging as part of their onboarding process. It offers immediate contact and facilitates swift action – two key factors that help make first-time users stick around.

Tackling Churn Head-On With Text Messages

SMS also proved instrumental in reducing customer churn rates. The same tech firm experienced a notable decline in lost customers after switching to HubSpot’s integrated texting feature—resulting in a decrease of about 25% within just three months.

This improvement wasn't simply due to the novelty factor or ease of use associated with texts; it was largely because timely communication helped address common pain points before they escalated into reasons for leaving.

Frequent touchpoints allowed issues or misunderstandings about product features and usage guidelines to get fixed early, resulting in happier customers who are less likely to abandon ship out of frustration.

When businesses communicate with customers at regular intervals using a platform they prefer, it's easier to identify potential issues and fix them proactively. This is why SMS for customer onboarding can be such a game-changer.

A More Personal Approach

The ability of SMS to make communication feel more personal was another major advantage that helped the tech firm in our case study succeed. It’s not just about being direct; it’s also about making new users feel valued right from the start.

Rolling out the red carpet with personalized welcome messages, or stepping in to offer help when needed. That's what we're all about.

Key Takeaway: 

Embracing SMS for customer onboarding is a game-changer. It speeds up user uptake, reduces churn rates and fosters loyalty by making communication feel personal and timely. Plus, it helps businesses tackle issues head-on before they escalate into reasons for leaving.

FAQs in Relation to SMS for HubSpot

Does HubSpot do SMS messaging?

Yes, with HubSpot's integrations, you can send and receive SMS messages to elevate your marketing efforts.

Does HubSpot have 2 way texting?

Absolutely. HubSpot supports two-way texting through certain integrations, letting you engage in real-time conversations with customers.

How do I automate SMS sending?

To automate SMS sending, use tools like Twilio or ClickSend that offer APIs for integration into automation platforms like Zapier or directly into CRM systems such as Hubspot via a dropdown menu.

Can I send an SMS to my customers?

Sure thing. You can blast out text messages to your clients using various tools integrated within the CRM platform of choice – including our very own, beloved by many - Hubspot.


Unlocking the power of SMS for HubSpot? Not as tricky as you might think. Log in to your HubSpot account click the dropdown menu and add it to a workflow.

The secret sauce is in its asynchronous nature and universal accessibility. You've got an SMS tool that lets your messages land directly on customers' screens, bypassing crowded email inboxes and spam filters.

Going via an SMS number has shown impressive open and response rates, but remember - it's not about replacing other channels. It's about adding another string to your bow with a multichannel approach.

So go ahead, and give SMS marketing campaigns a shot. Leverage HubSpot's functionalities like one-to-one messaging or include automated SMS for HubSpot in larger strategies.

And always keep this top of mind: flexibility equals customer convenience. Whether it’s improving uptake during onboarding or streamlining communication overall, every text message can make an impact