How to apply colour psychology to web design [Infographic]

by Selene Gagliardi Selene Gagliardi on September 28, 2018

(And build up a killer website that gets the user experience to be something special)

NoteThis is a guest post written by Anthony Tisara from My Biz Niche

What is Web Design?

Web design may be widely perceived as primarily concerned with making a website look good, but it does more than that. Other crucial aspects are:

  • For one thing, web design has a lot to do with helping websites get those all-important conversions, examples of which are subscriptions to newsletters or sales of products or services that they’re offering.
  • The web design’s colours alone already play a crucial role in the hunt for leads and conversions. When used strategically, colours can be an extremely potent tool in marketing. According to colour psychology, there are human attitudes, emotions, and values associated with colours.


How to leverage colours pshycology

  • Blue, for example, projects, among other things, security, calmness, stability, trust, and reliability. It’s a colour that is quite popular among businesses, particularly those in the world of finance. They want people to believe how stable and trustworthy they are so they use blue in their web design and other marketing materials.
  • Red, the colour of passion, is also a favorite colour among businesses, as it has proven to be great for giving their materials a sense of urgency. Look for an ad—online or otherwise—for a clearance sale, and it will likely have a rich, red background. For people who are interested in the products on sale, all that red is telling them they have to hurry or miss out on great deals.

Of course, the colour associations being made by colour psychology aren’t unassailable. After all, people react to colours in different ways, and they would all be based on their preferences and experiences.

Still, colour psychology comes close to reality with its colour-human emotion associations, and that’s why web designers and marketers everywhere are applying it to their work.

To know more about which human emotions are associated with which colour, check out the infographics below.

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