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Bespoke Fit: Foolproof Inbound Marketing Solutions

Bespoke Networking for Inbound Marketing Purposes

There was once a time when expanding and growing a business became very costly. It meant the presence of a physical space in the area you want to expand to, or else costly shipping and courier fees. This is no longer the case. Cookie cutter shapes no longer make the cut in inbound marketing. Gone are the days of the “spend more, gain more” mentality and in comes a kind of selling that involves attracting customers. But how?

Now that nearly everyone has access to one global network, internet marketing has become even easier. Social media, as a whole, can be easily navigated and personalised at one’s pleasure, if only one knew how to do so.

Want to know how to master this new kind of marketing for your UK audience? Here’s how. With a little expert digging, one can come up with particularly useful ways to glean more from your industry, marketing to your own pleasure and needs.

Having an online presence will always benefit your business. Expansion to a growing market will entail the need to be more visible, so whether you decide on an on-site or off-site blog depends on what you want to gain from your business.

Setting Up Shop: Virtual Storefronts and the Power of the #Hashtag

Linking back to one’s profile or page is important, but there is a growing use of hashtags to also track one’s content. Used with the “#” symbol before a particular word or phrase, this is a unique sort of tagging where relevant posts will appear once a user “follows” it. For example, if you use the hashtag “#blessed” to tag your content, it will appear in the news feed of people who have previously subscribed to it.

IT and software Industry Needs

These industries are the most software-literate, a competency that is rivalling financial and even academic literacy in terms of usefulness across the globe. Knowledge of computer systems and how to navigate them is so useful that it would be impossible for a modern society to move forward without using this knowledge to their advantage.

The biggest challenge for them is to find avenues in which their industries can be understood by the general public. Embracing innovative technology comes at a price that only comes with practice, so useful communication is needed.

Industry news, where new products and operating systems are being taught, should be circulated more in places where it isn’t normally found. The reason why people are so technophobic is because they think that it is more difficult to learn as they get older, so to address that fear, you bring the news to them.

Agriculture Industry Needs 

Often overlooked, the agricultural industry is still the pinnacle of where Britain’s heart lies. Without any sustenance, it would be impossible to continue on with daily living.

Whilst certain kinds of produce and farming are only available or in high demand during certain months, it is still possible to market goods. Christmas goose and turkey may be popular around Christmas-time, but it doesn’t mean that it can only be partaken of during the winter months. Recipes and meal preparation can be assessed and made use of.

Organisations such as the Prince’s trust support initiatives on agricultural expansion and organic farming, a subject on which the Prince of Wales is keen. It has also become popular to label foods as GMO and non-GMO, and inbound marketing in the UK to this particular subject is made easier once people are made aware as to what these labels really mean.

Apart from fresh produce, livestock should also be paid attention to. In largely metropolitan areas like London and Edinburgh, there are many cultures that reside there, and there are many people who subscribe to very specific diets. Beef and pork products in particular need attention brought to it.

Industrial Manufacturing Needs

Not everyone is born into privilege, or else to the landed gentry, Oxford-attending blokes. Employment these days focuses on jobs that require a lot of manpower, such as industry and service-oriented jobs. Without it, white-collar workers would need to wing it for themselves.

There is nothing wrong with being from the working class. In fact, UK inbound marketing should pay particular attention to how blue-collar workers are treated and looked at by society. Campaigns can be done to improve on their working conditions and public perception may shift. Not all working-class men are chavs, after all.

Britain’s economy depends heavily on the manufacturing and blue-collar machinations of the working class. As such, they should be addressed and taken care of as being an integral part of society.

PR and Communications Needs

When tangible goods aren’t the only thing left to be marketed, branding and reputation management is a very lucrative and profitable business. Here, it is even more vital to attract customers as they are the very basis of your image, and can even make or break you.

Any and all businesses have to have at least some form of public relations practices. A good working relationship with media is a must, which is why audience reviews, press releases, and promotional activities help propel your image further. For people who work in the entertainment industry, such as actors and musicians, image is everything when it comes to selling their work; films and albums need a massive amount of promotion, and often press tours and performances only build up to this image.

A Final Word

These are just some examples in where inbound marketing can be useful to one’s business. A growing number of industries are looking to become literate in this sort of marketing, which cuts costs whilst gaining ground in customer interaction and online following.

For those who are experienced in their business and want to expand far beyond their usual capabilities, or else want to combine both inbound and outbound marketing to maximise the potential of both, it would do well to make each person’s marketing experience work for them.


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