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The 21 Best Digital Marketing Blogs [2021 UPDATE]

Owning a business comes with many responsibilities and challenges. Increasing global competition means you have to keep up with market demands, new technology and trends or you risk falling behind.

Technology has replaced traditional marketing tactics with digital marketing. Digital marketing helps to attract customers by using smart promotional strategies. Increasing brand awareness is achieved through social media, search engine rankings, a company's website, blog, and emails. The job of digital marketers is to create online content which addresses all the valuable information about a brand

Thanks to digital marketing blogs, it has become easier than ever to learn how to advertise your products in a way that generates more customers organically.  But there are so many resources out there it can be hard to find reliable, authoritative information if you don't know where to look.

To help you access the most useful, up-to-date content on becoming a digital marketing expert, here is a rundown of 21 of the best blogs guiding millions of people through the world of online digital marketing. Go through the list and subscribe to your favourite blogs now!

The most influential blogs that you must subscribe to in 2021


  1. Moz
  2. HubSpot
  3. Neil Patel
  4. Backlinko
  5. HelpScout
  6. ViperChill
  7. GroupHigh
  8. Unmarketing
  9. Business 2 Community
  10. Social Media Today
  11. Ignite Social Media
  12. Grow
  13. Duct Tape Marketing
  14. CoSchedule
  15. Blind Five Year Old
  16. Social Triggers
  17. Marketing Profs
  18. Ahrefs
  19. Impact
  20. The Content Strategist
  21. Buffer

1.    Moz 


Moz defines Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) as 'the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results'.

Moz started as an online community and blog in 2004 by the founders Rand Fishkin, and Gillian Muessig. Initially named SEOmoz, it was where the world's best SEO experts gathered to share their innovative ideas and research. 

Gradually, the team introduced their SEO guide for beginners, and it eventually led to the creation of the first SEO tools. To increase growth and expand their SEO services, they received their first funding in 2007 to produce new tools and ideas. In 2009 SEOmoz celebrated their first 5,000 subscribers and continued to help the industry with the latest SEO ideas. 

SEOmoz revamped itself to Moz in 2013 while also introducing Moz analytics, which involved features for social media, content, and rankings. They welcomed their new CEO, Sarah Bird, on the 10th anniversary of Moz. The primary marketing resources Moz provides include workshops and training, community Q&A, beginners' SEO tool kit, and the blog. 

The Moz blog is the SEO hub where you can find all the expertise you need about online marketing tactics and strategies. It covers all the essential do's and how-to's to help you upgrade your SEO game.

It has resources for both business veterans and beginners (such as '7 Proven SEO Reporting Best Practices That Boost Client Retention') making it one of the best accessible blogs for digital marketing.


2.    HubSpot


HubSpot is one of the leading blogs about inbound marketing, serving entrepreneurs across the globe. Inbound marketing helps customers attract and engage throughout the buying process. It differs from traditional marketing because it does not aim to manipulate customers but delightfully entice them into becoming customers. It refrains from commercial advertising, spam emails, and pop-up ads. 

Therefore, the HubSpot blog assists entrepreneurs with its new marketing insights, ideas, and inspirations to help them sell smarter and faster. For example, it focuses on encouraging better communications through new ways such as video marketing. And here is a great browser-based video editor that you can use for this.

It also provides readers with the tools needed to improve productivity, initiate human-friendly sales processes, and effectively connect with customers. One of the most attractive features of the blog is the division of articles into different categories. So you can choose from marketing, sales, or service.

Over 65,000 people from more than 100 countries are using HubSpot's award-winning software to improve their marketing skills. So if you are also on a business venture and require some help then this blog is for you!


3.    Neil Patel


Who doesn't want more traffic to their business blog? There are millions of websites on the internet, so how do you make sure your blog tops the chart?

Neil Patel, New York Times bestselling author and founder of Neil Patel Digital, has a blog to help digital marketers at all levels of expertise. It is one of the best one-stop resource libraries for comprehensive guides and SEO tips and tricks.

The blog reveals how to excel at boosting traffic even in competitive industries and helping companies grow. It uncovers some brilliant tactics to drive a large amount of valuable traffic to the websites. Articles range from the secret to top ranking on Google to the ways of gaining more followers on Instagram. As well as these how-to's, it also covers articles about the worst SEO marketing strategies. So it helps to refine the marketing abilities by showing the correct path. 


4.    Backlinko


An internationally recognised SEO expert, Brian Dean, founded Blacklinko to teach lessons about online business. Marketers began to grow their businesses rapidly because of smart and practical SEO strategies

Search engine optimisation helps to increase the performance of a particular website by making sure it appears in the first list of Google results.

Backlinko is expert in everything SEO. The blog helps readers gain better rankings and assists in creating high-quality content. It contains all the latest SEO techniques and tricks, such as keyword research for SEO. 


5.    HelpScout


Customers' desires and expectations are integral for any business to flourish. Clients and customers act as a driving force, looking for free CRM software for small UK businesses, so there is always a need to focus your services according to the most popular demands of the public. 

So how do you get to know their mindsets and what they want from the producers? The HelpScout blog talks about what is best for the client and teaches how to interact with them engagingly to ensure more sales. 

Posts on the blogs are about promoting a better relationship with the customer by replacing the traditional methods of marketing. It suggests marketing strategies to help companies deliver excellent services according to the demands of customers.


6.    ViperChill


ViperChill is at the centre of SEO trends and research providing companies with the latest research updates. It is an easily accessible website packed with numerous unique blogs, each having well-researched analytical content. The posts are long, but they consist of different examples and updated information on digital marketing. 

So, don’t forget to add it to your reading list if you have not already!\


7.    GroupHigh


Becoming a social media influencer requires constant hard work and dedication. Besides creating exciting content, it is also crucial to make sure it reaches the desired audience. 

There are many companies out there which have excellent content yet are only known by a small audience. The GroupHigh blog helps companies promote their content and reach more people.  It also has tips for better marketing and examples of high-end industries which excel at it.


8.    Unmarketing


Critical thinking always helps to bring something new to the table, unlike the stereotypical methods deployed by most marketers. Unmarketing helps marketers deviate from traditional and overused marketing strategies and encourages them to adopt modern techniques. 

People indeed like something different and new. The Unmarketing blog avoids mediocre and mundane tips and introduces ways to market your brand with a different approach. So, if you are tired of the old digital marketing procedures, then Unmarketing is especially for you. 


9.    Business 2 Community  

business community digital marketing blog

As the name suggests, Business 2 Community works to bridge the gap between customers and salespeople. It has a variety of articles under different sections dealing with topics like world news, brand views, finance and much more. 

There's a separate section for sales and marketing where you can find helpful tips for SEO content, customer care, and email marketing.


10.    Social Media Today


Founded by Robin Frey Carey in 2007, Social Media Today is one of the leading blogs operated by Industry Dive. The blog talks about the current updates in the social media world, with many articles on how to apply social media strategies to current trends.

Their posts are easy to understand and relevant, which makes it the best consulting blog for company owners. Many famous brands use Social Media Today for guidance, and it is also rated as one of the most recommended blogs out there.


11.    Ignite Social Media


Ignite embarked on its blogging journey in 2007, and since then many top brands have relied on them for digital marketing. It covers all social media needs for a brand including: creating relevant content, promotional strategies, and media trends to improve social marketing. It has some great examples of better social media marketing, so check them out.


12.    Grow


As their name suggests, this company designs leadership and marketing strategies to help brands, well...grow. They have free resources available on their website, which powers hundreds of companies to improve their marketing strategies. 

You can easily download their resources from the site, which can help you learn about crucial KPIs for your growing company or about customer acquisition. 


13.    Duct Tape Marketing


Small-scale businesses often struggle with finances and budgeting so they can’t invest much in digital marketing. However, Duct Tape Marketing caters to the needs of small-scale business owners by giving them free marketing advice on their blogs. 

Even though the guidelines available on the blog are aimed at small businesses, it is also beneficial for more established companies. Their blog covers all the instructions about SEO tools, management, and earning referrals.


14.    CoSchedule


Time management is the key to success, but it's not always simple to organise and manage the marketing process while maintaining efficiency. CoSchedule’s blog helps with project management plans and strategies to organise marketing workflow.

The posts are accompanied by free templates to help you understand proper product marketing strategy. CoSchedule also provides a free marketing calendar template and a whole social strategy e-book bundle. 

The marketing calendar is the best tool to keep all stakeholders aware of the tasks, deadlines, and updates they need. It is an efficient way to delegate tasks and projects to members to increase the team's productivity. So it's time to get rid of interrupted workflows, spreadsheets and mistakes to save both time and cost.


15.    Blind Five Year Old


Don't be put off by its peculiar name. This blog might be your breakthrough in digital marketing. Owned by the marketing executive, AJ Kohn, Blind Five Year Old is an exclusive business blog specialising in search. It mainly focuses on product marketing and advertising strategy to help companies compete in the industry. 

The blog has a vast range of published articles grouped into categories. So you can dive into the site by selecting your area of interest such as marketing, web design, technology, advertising and much more.


16.    Social Triggers


Derek Halpern is a founder of Social Triggers and also an expert entrepreneur. His blog is all about marketing businesses and suggestions for tackling the competitive market. The articles are full of tips for using data-driven content marketing to get more traffic, sell more products online, and attract a broad audience. 

Numerous resources teach how to build an audience and attract readers. They tackle how to advertise your product and write in a way which helps increase sales. Social Triggers has a growing community, so subscribe as soon as possible to be part of it.


17.    Marketing Profs


Marketing Profs believe ‘learning changes lives’, which is why they provide marketing training to entrepreneurs through their blogs. Marketing Profs present online education, such as training sessions and conferences, resources and guidebooks, as well as online events.

All these services help to hone entrepreneurial skills. They have a vast library of material required to master the art of digital marketing. Their resources are divided into content type, topic and element to assist in filtering the resources without any hassle.


18.    Ahrefs


The Ahrefs blog is an online toolkit to help you improve your SEO and marketing strategy. Their expert marketing practitioners have published hundreds of articles about topics including SEO basics,  SEO tools, link building, and website traffic

These articles help you understand and analyse the chances of ranking on Google, the regular traffic and the maximum reach of the website. With these tools, you can employ new strategies and work to improve the status of your company in the market.


19.    Impact


Impact’s blog aims to redefine the digital marketing platform by providing next-generation solutions to entrepreneurs across the globe. They deliver innovative content to clients, which helps them implement digital marketing tricks to grow their businesses successfully.

The writers of the blog are experienced marketers and entrepreneurial leaders who bring a high level of technical expertise. They develop new marketing instruments which help to accelerate companies’ growth. So what’s better than receiving some expert insights for marketing without paying a penny?


20.    The Content Strategist


The Content Strategist is the blog of Contently, a content company founded in 2011 by Joe Coleman, Dave Goldberg and Shane Snow to build a better media world through content marketing. The Content Strategist is also a recipient of several awards including Digiday's Best Content Marketing Platform.  

It excels at incorporating art with science, integrating technology, and developing a strategy to achieve exuberant content. The blog has all the necessary resources needed to learn the skills of content marketing while also explaining the need for content marketing to increase earnings. 


21.    Buffer


Every website needs quality content free of errors and fallacies. If the editorial material lacks accuracy and has flawed facts, then it will struggle to impress customers. Consulting professional digital marketers will help make sure that the online content is comprehensible and up to the mark. 

Fortunately, the Buffer blog makes it easier to understand the crucial skills and traits a social media manager needs to learn to produce excellent content. It advises on social media marketing by providing free tips and tricks for improving content. Materials like 'The Art of Copywriting: How to Write Better Captions that Get Engagement' are worth a read.



That's it...nearly! 

So that's our roundup of 21 best digital marketing blogs for 2020. But we aren’t quite done yet. Here’s one more bonus blog for you!


Bonus Blog.    Whitehat whitehat-digital-marketing-blog

The Whitehat blog is all about learning marketing strategies and ways to attract an audience. It features the ultimate guide to digital marketing agencies how they function, and the necessary steps to help you promote your website. There is also a complete guide to SEO updates for you to better adapt to evolving technology. 


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The above marketing blogs are a subjective list that we think is important. This list of resources should inspire those of you who are looking for help and inspiration.

So, what are you waiting for? If you are in the process of starting a new business or having trouble promoting it, then subscribe to any of the above blogs for free and use this wealth of knowledge to grow!

Did we miss your favourite blog?

Put a comment below and let us know who you think are the main thought leaders today in the world of digital marketing.