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4 Reasons Why Hubspot CMS Hub is the Solution for Your Website

As an entrepreneur, the online marketing world can be overwhelming. It is a must to have a website, but there are so many options available. Think of platforms like WordPress, Wix or maybe Squarespace. In this article, we’ll tell you more about the latest Hubspot CMS Hub Starter. We promise you, it is a game-changer.

 We all know that as a business owner, it’s important to have a website. However, not everyone knows WHY it is super important. You might be thinking it’s to attract visitors you can convert into leads - which is right. However, there is, even more, you can do with your website. Start to think of it as something that can expand the impact on the entire customer experience.

  • Attract visitors
  • Convert leads
  • Educational centre
  • Sales enablement and tools
  • New customer onboarding
  • Customer dashboard
  • Advocate programme

Ultimate CMS Guide

What is a CRM-powered website?

 CRM stands for Customer Relations Management. It is a digital tool that allows businesses (both small and large) to manage different facets of customer interaction.

 HubSpot CMS Growth Theme

We’ve seen an increase in online traffic for the last few years (even more during COVID-19). With that comes the expectation that our digital experiences will be seamless. Unfortunately, seamless is not always the case. Chances are, you’ve experienced a ‘digital error’ yourself.

A digital experience requires several digital tools. Let’s say you go to a website and you’re interested in a service or product that Company X offers and fill out a contact form. Afterwards, you get a notification that you will receive a confirmation email. However, you never receive this in your inbox. You decide to go into the website and use the live chat to contact the company. Unfortunately, they have no idea who you are and what product you’re interested in.

Never mind, you think, and you call the phone number which is listed on their website. There you go again, you have to explain every single interaction that you had before. Quite annoying, right?

Customer experiences are not always flawless because of all the different tools that have to work together. Think of the contact form, CMS, email marketing and live chat. So it’s super important to connect these tools simply and easily. There is a lot of value in combining your CRM, CMS and Online Marketing. Of the businesses, Hubspot surveilled:

  • 45% of the companies connect their website to at least 8 external tools
  • 81% of these companies are integrating their website with their CRM
  • 73% of these companies are integrating their website with messaging tools

‘’The penalty of having incomplete or inaccurate data could be the company’s existence’’

The number of different tools often leads to inconsistent and unreliable data. Businesses also experienced difficulties connecting performance data to business results.

Hubspot CMS Hub System is a platform that combines all these separate tools to deliver a delightful customer experience. Hubspot’s CMS Hub System can help businesses with:

  • Content
  • Messaging
  • Automation
  • Reporting
  • Data

Ultimate CMS Guide
This makes it more than ‘just a website’, but a powerful tool to create a customer-friendly experience. It also eliminates ‘cobble tax’, siloed data that makes it hard to align. The Hubspot CMS System is crafted for growth. This means you have a single source of truth, one intuitive UX and a unified codebase.

Because CMS Hub is part of the Hubspot CRM platform, this means you can turn your website into a CRM-powered website. It makes it easy to use data to personalize the experience, leverage automation, report and optimise, keep your messaging consistent across all marketing channels and so much more.


4 Reasons to build your website on CMS Hub

1. Backed by a market-leading CRM

CMS hub comes with the HubSpot CRM baked in. With this, you’re able to easily keep track of your visitors’ engagement with your website. Most people think of a CRM Platform as a sales tool, but just like your website, it can be so much more than that. Expand what you consider the definition of a CRM platform. It’s the heart of scaling businesses and managing customers' experiences.

 The customers that get the most out of the CRM platform are leveraging at least 3 of Hubspot’s hubs (CRM Data, Marketing Platform, CMS). It gives you this growth engine where the marketer can take ownership of that customer experience.

Research shows that HubSpot Customers with Marketing + CMS Hub see:

 13% more website traffic and 80% more organic traffic

  • 51% more form submissions
  • 121% more contacts

2. Smart Content

This is going to allow businesses to leverage all the data and personalize the entire customer experience. You can change the entire look and feel based on the data that you have. For example, you can deliver a different experience to first-time visitors on your website or to visitors who click on an ad and land on your website.

 Check out this new update > You can now use smart content across all CRM models (HubSpot and custom models).

Dynamic content

Dynamic Content makes it possible to display different content to different target audiences while maintaining the same look and feel of the website. HubDB table is a data table within Hubspot. With this or CRM Objects, it’s possible to create pages that will have their own SEO-friendly URL. It’s also possible to leverage dynamic content on your website and get page-specific analytics so you can monitor the performances across all pages.

 Let’s say you run a real estate business, a custom object for different properties. Each property can be a unique page within your website. Leverage dynamic content.

 Another way to build a powerful digital experience is with membership-based content. This will allow specific customers to access a certain part (section) of the website. Use it for premium content for example, or as a customer portal.


3. Speed, Security, and Reliability

Websites hosted on the CMS Hub are hosted on the global CDN. This brings several benefits like cache optimization, 24x7 infrastructure support, HTTPS and SSL certificate support and other benefits that are all included in the CMS Hub.

With all this taken care of, you can focus on what you care about, like creating content!


4. Both Marketers and Developers will love the CRM Platform

Marketers can create personalized experiences themselves. On the other hand, it will provide developers with a dataset to build incredibly sophisticated experiences if they use the CMS on top of the CRM Platform.

The CMS Hub Advantage

Flexible Themes

A package of assets that can make holistic changes to the look and feel of the website. This enables the marketer to start from scratch with the pre-built themes and scale without needing a developer for maintenance and even without knowing CSS.

Drag and Drop Page Editing

This makes it super easy to change and tweak things on the website without asking your developer for help. It enables you to create amazing content without managing the whole content creation process.

Local Web Development

Web Developers are able to use the tools and technologies they prefer. For example, if you like to work with GitHub, CMS Hub enables Local Web Development so developers can create a flexible content creation experience.


How to get started on CMS Hub

So, now you know all the reasons to build a website on CMS Hub, but how do you start?

There are several options and you just have to see which one works best for you.

 1. Migrate your website

Keep the look and feel of the website you are using now, and HubSpot’s migrations team will recreate the existing website on Hubspot. 

2. Work with a partner

It takes two to tango! Sometimes it’s just easier to work with a partner. At HubSpot, you can pick one of the thousands of qualified partners that will help to develop your website.

 3. Leverage the HubSpot marketplace

Hubspot has a marketplace full of themes and models that you can use and choose from. There are paid and free options available and you can tweak them to your own needs and personalize your pages.

4. Build a microsite

The website can extend far beyond just a corporate website. Many customers are building these experiences on top of their Hubspot website. For example, use a microsite to launch your events.

We know you still haven’t had an answer to this question: what are the costs of using the CMS Hub? Well, this all depends on what kind of package suits your business. There are 3 options: Professional, Enterprise and the brand-new Hub Starter.

CMS Hub Professional

 Price: £297 a month


  • Personalize customer experiences
  • Optimise your website (A/B testing
  • Expand Your Content Strategy (Google Search Console)

CMS Hub Enterprise

 Price: £990 a month


  • Build Powerful Digital Experiences
  • Manage A Growing Team & Brand
  • Extend Your Brand

 CMS Hub Starter

 Price: £19 a month

  • Secure Your Website
  • Build Your Website Efficiently
  • Leverage The Full Platform 

Are you new to Hubspot and just want to try it out? Then the CMS Hub Starter is a good option for you, with only £19  a month. Of course, it’s possible to upgrade at any time.

Last but not least, don’t forget to have fun! With CMS Hub there are so many options you can play with. Create your own, unique, powerful digital experience.

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