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Inbound Marketing DELIGHT - Smart Calls-to-Action

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The end is nigh! Don’t worry, it’s not a premonition about the end of the world, but fair warning that we’re approaching the end of our journey through the inbound marketing methodology. As we continue to look at the ‘Delight’ segment, we’ve reached the point where we look at Smart Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons.

If you’re thinking that we’ve already talked about those, well you’re half right. We’ve certainly looked at Call-to-Action buttons previously, when we looked at the ‘Convert’ section. Those had a very important role to play when it came to converting our new website visitors into leads, but we’re further down the line now. Here, we want the buttons themselves to be smarter to help delight visitors and customers in whole new ways.


Better Calls-to-Action though Trade Shows

The first question you’re probably asking is how are they different? Well, the ‘standard’ Call-to-Action button we’ve discussed previously is simply a benign tool to encourage visitors to click it. All the same people, will see the same button and get the same result. However, a smart CTA button goes one step further. What makes this one ‘smart’, is that it allows a different button to be displayed to different people, based on a huge range of factors, unique to each of them and how they are represented.

As people work their way through your inbound marketing system, going from visitors to leads and into becoming customers, their needs will change. What they want from you will alter and evolve as their status in this lifecycle adapts to where they find themselves at any moment in time. The smart CTA buttons absorb this dynamism and can reflect it on your website to offer up different options. It’s an incredibly fluid and engaging way to build trust with your customers and visitors alike.

We’ve talked many times throughout these blogs about ‘the journey’. Whether that’s the journey that you, the reader, are taking by reading them, but more importantly, it’s the one an individual takes as they progress through the inbound marketing process. What they want from you will differ as they go. It will change and evolve as you learn more about them and their needs, but also as they learn about you and what you can offer. It’s only right that your website and emails can change and adapt too.

There is more to the profile of your leads than their name and email address. Sure, that’s where it starts, but remember this is a journey. Throughout that journey we’re going to learn more about them and all that information is going to build into a profile of them within HubSpot’s software. By using that profile data, you can segment their information to build customised calls-to-action buttons that are more attuned to who they are, making you look very smart indeed. 

Trade shows for Call-to-Action Inbound Marketing

This profile will include, but not is limited to, things like their location in the world, the source of their initial contact, the device they used, the industry they work in, the language they speak or the sales persona they match with. That’s an incredible amount of data that you can use to focus your emails and web pages to create a personalised environment they can only be impressed by.

This level of detail allows you to deliver both relevant and effective calls-to-action, at just the right time to help potential customers with their challenges and just when they’re at the point to buy. They are specifically designed to drive more conversions, not through generic web pages or bland emails, but through specifically personalised and targeted content.

These calls-to-action are more than smart, they’re data-driven and integrated seamlessly with your contacts database within the HubSpot platform. As the data changes, so too will their status, meaning that you can always ensure that the right people, are getting the right content, at just the right time.

When you’re ready to make the move into inbound marketing, the team at Whitehat are always on-hand to help get you started. It might just be the smartest call to action you ever make. 

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