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Establish an Optimal Marketing Budget for Your Business

Developing a dynamic and cohesive marketing strategy has become essential for you if you want to profit in today’s competitive marketplace. Online marketing introduces and promotes products and services to your potential customers. Without the [...]

Online Reputation Repair: An Ingenious Content Generation Approach

    Modern consumers tend to believe almost everything they see on the Internet, especially as they look for particular products and services. For business owners, this trend could either be beneficial or detrimental to success as potential [...]

Earn your Potential Customers’ Trust through Online Reputation Repair

    It’s not enough for your business to have an online presence, especially if you don’t put a lot of effort into maintaining a healthy image on the Internet. Through Online Reputation Repair (ORR), you can restore the good standing and reinforce [...]

Online Reputation Management: Content & Social Media, Not Fake Reviews

"Negative publicity is still publicity" does not always apply in the online world. Make sure you ...

Online Marketing Agency Services Scorecard [Infographic]

How to Evaluate Your Online Marketing Company [Infographic] Business owners nowadays understand the importance of working with an online marketing agency or trusted marketing consultant. London business owners won’t need to learn the technical [...]

Take Your Brand Seriously: Why You Need to Optimize Your Brand

Having a brand is beyond having a name, term, sign, symbol or design, or a combination of these to identify products and services and to differentiate them from others. Having a brand means having a set of values or associations that your target [...]

Online Reputation Management: A Few Tips to Avoid a Delisting Request

When a European court recently upheld the “right to be forgotten” rule and instructed search engine Google to remove past information about a person that are already irrelevant and inadequate, it was a victory for online reputation management [...]

Effective Online Reputation Management Secures a Company’s Bottom Line

Henry Ford once said that a reputation can’t be built solely on what one intends to do. In short, a person’s reputation is determined by what one has already accomplished. In business terms, a company can maintain a good reputation by providing [...]

Infographic: 10 Indispensable Benefits of Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management (ORM) is an important aspect in the online marketing arena. While it is used to improve a business’s or a person’s reputation on the World Wide Web, ORM carries a negative connotation to some professionals and business [...]

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