4 Ways to Grow Your Business at Trade Shows

by Edwin Raymond on March 22, 2016
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Many businesses view a visit to a trade show as an opportunity to take a little time out from their hectic schedule, a way to show off their latest product or scope out the competition. Whilst all of those are perfectly acceptable ways to spend your time at a show, there are ways to grow your business at the same time.

Whatever your business does, there’s a process to it. Whether you’re manufacturing incredible new products from raw materials or you’re working with the smallest electronic equipment, you will have a method of turning something figuratively small and amplifying it into something much larger than the sum of its parts.


In fact, an amplifier is a good analogy to use for how you should look at trade shows. Let’s take a look at 4 ways you can grow your business at a trade show, with the help of an amplifier, and still remain ‘current’.

 Trade Show Event Setting

Anyone familiar with an amplifier will know they’ll need a lead to generate power. The power of lead generation is one aspect of a trade show that can never be underestimated. Being surrounded by the most influential, important and connected people in your industry is a great place to start.


If you’ve got your own kiosk or stand on the show floor, then all of those people will be passing by at some point. It’s time to make your mark and turn all of those potential customers into real leads, verified contacts and influential prospects. Don’t just wait for them to take a card or promise to visit your website; be proactive. Ensure that you and your team are focussed on tying them down to definite timescales. This can include scheduling face-to-face chats with them later in the day. Even in the run up to the event, promote it via your social media platforms and, where possible, arrange to meet people at the event. It’s time to turn that small input signal into a very new, very loud statement of intent pouring loudly out of your stand.

What would an amplifier be without a transistor? The transistor, and its semi-conductors, are at the heart of any amplifier. They may be made of different materials and do slightly different jobs, but they all work together, much like your Search Engine Optimisation. Your website is at the heart of your business, but it can’t fulfil all your SEO needs on its own, it needs help. If you’re following the inbound marketing methodology, your website will already be full of incredible content; blogs and ebooks that underpin your place as an influential voice in your field. These go a long way toward helping your SEO, but they’re not the whole story. Trade shows can help too. Use the event organiser’s website to advertise your attendance at the show, but also include a link back to your own site. If it’s a prestigious event, then the link will help to raise your site’s profile and improve your SEO ranking. Also, make sure the link to your site is also included in the emails they send advertising the show. These are important organic links that can really help your business grow.

Circuit marketing diagram for B2B


Amplifiers don’t just turn a weak signal into a stronger one, they actually generate a completely new output signal based on the input it receives. Our third step takes the notion of generating something new and puts a trade show spin on it. As important as new leads are to growing your business, don’t restrict yourself to them exclusively. There will be so many new people to meet that it would be remiss not to look at the supply side. Of course you’ll have a booth to man, but don’t be afraid to send your team out into the hall to meet with new suppliers and network with existing suppliers and channel partners. You might just be amazed at where new suppliers can take you, often in unexpected ways.

 trade show client and supplier discussion

When it comes to amplification, all the internal mechanics are all well and good, but what good are they if your message isn’t being heard? Your journey through the inbound marketing methodology is the same. What you’re selling is vitally important, but what good is having the best product in the world if no-one hears about it. This is where trade shows come into their own. It’s rare that you will have access to so many people from both sides of the supply chain in one place. There will be those from both the supply and the demand side of your business. It’s not a moment to let pass by. You can use the trade show’s calendar of events to speak at the show or even run a workshop. It puts your business, your product and you centre stage. Literally. You’ll be in front of an appreciative audience who will be genuinely interested in what you have to say. It tells the world, even if it’s just your industry’s small piece of it, that you know what you’re talking about and you understand the industry you share a common interest in. Get your message out, loud and clear. If that doesn’t amplify your business, nothing will.

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