Dominate Google SERPs By Upgrading To A Mobile-Friendly Website

by Michael Talburt on July 31, 2015

21 April 2015 — the date of the big Google mobile-friendly algorithm update.

Also known as the Google Mice Update, Mobilegeddon, or simply the mobile-friendly update, it is an algorithm update with significant impact that could lead to loss of mobile traffic and mobile customers for you—if your site isn’t mobile-friendly.

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Google Pushes Websites to Become Mobile-Friendly

On 14 November 2014, Google launched its “mobile-friendly” label for mobile-friendly sites on all mobile device searches. Do a quick search using Google on your phone, and if the site is mobile-friendly, you will see the “mobile-friendly” label right under the Web address.

Naturally, if you are on a mobile device, you will click on results with the “mobile-friendly” label and skip the ones without it.

Now, with the Google Mice update, all websites that are not mobile-friendly will get pushed down to pages 20, 30, or 50 — if not totally disappear from Google search results on mobile devices… forever!

Ease of use on mobile devices is the driving factor for this update.

However, if your site is mobile-friendly, you will most likely maintain your ranking on mobile search results. Heck, you might even move to the top of the search results!

It’s never too late to convert your website into a mobile-friendly website.

There’s a lot you can do to make your website more friendly and accessible to online users on their mobile phones. We can help you with that.

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