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Attribution Reporting Fundamentals

We’re going to be covering a topic that is really fascinating and incredibly relevant for anybody who’s using the HubSpot platform – anybody who's doing digital marketing. We're talking about attribution reporting. It's one of the main reasons why [...]

Account Based Marketing ABM in HubSpot

Overview of ABM If you’ve been paying careful attention to HubSpot for the last few years, we’ve been talking about ABM a little bit. We’ve partnered with Terminus and others and we’ve done some webinars and blog posts. However, the main feedback [...]

Social Media Marketing Strategy

My name is Ketna Mistry. I'm a Social Media strategist. Now there are definitely some parallels that we can draw from everything that we've just heard to what Social Media is all about. I am going to speak to you about Social Media strategy.

Inbound Marketing 2020: Hottest Marketing Trends and Updates

Are your inbound marketing efforts optimised for 2020? Learn the latest inbound updates and trends.

Improving Client Communication With Integrated Telephony

Matt Cowell from Circle Loop talks about how integrated telephony can improve client communications. Matt covers systems integration with the HubSpot CRM and sales team efficiency.

Inbound Marketing Strategies That Will No Longer Work in 2020

The marketing landscape has changed drastically over the years due to a shift in the way consumers make their purchases. They now have more access to customise where, when and how they want to shop. That is why more businesses are using inbound [...]

9 Project Management Tools Your Marketing Team Should Consider

For a top digital marketing agency, building and executing your digital marketing strategy is no simple task. You have to manage your team, launch and monitor individual campaigns, and keep track of anything from creative development to media [...]

UGLI Webinar Series: Whitehat SEO CEO Interview

Hello and welcome back for some bold and honest conversations around what it's really like to run an SME against London's vibrant yet challenging economic and political background. This is the Ugli webinar series. I'm JP Founder and Director of the [...]

3 Great Inbound Marketing and Networking Tips for Introverts

  Business Networking We used to just call it ‘meeting people’, but in this increasingly connected business world we all live in, it’s become known as networking. Having a time to meet potential new business contacts, partners or suppliers can [...]

Video Marketing: A webinar marketing strategy you can make work

With a webinar, you can reach everyone and go global. You're not tied to a specific location and you're not tied to a specific time or audience. It's a great way to implement a video marketing strategy across your business.

Inbound 2019 Updates To HubSpot Marketing And Sales Software

Presentations from the London HUG. Learn all about the latest news from the HubSpot Inbound 2019 ...

How to Write Natural Content For Better Online Results in 2020

Useful SEO Tips On How To Make Your Content More Google-Friendly Google released two massive updates and they are still having an effect today: the Panda and the Penguin updates. Both of them target the content published by website owners, and their [...]

Responsive Web Design: Rise Of The Mobile Web

The internet is changing. While the internet was built around servers and personal computers, it is evolving to an amorphous network accessed through smart phones. Recent surveys find that the mobile web is growing and expected to take over the [...]

Go Beyond Local Search: [Infographic] - Local SEO

Is Your Local Business Invisible Online? Discover Local Buzz! [Infographic] More and more consumers are using the Internet to search for products and services in their area. Sadly, local businesses are struggling to keep up with the trend. They are [...]

The Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing in 2020

In today’s fast-paced world of the twenty-first century, human beings are highly dependent on technology. The onslaught of the screen has revitalised the way we participate in information exchange. This combined with the capitalist nature of today’s [...]

How a Sales Flywheel can Grow Your Business Predictably

This presentation is a transcript of the talk at the HubSpot User Group(HUG) meeting in April 2019 by Andrew McAvinchey founder of Mount Arbor and hosted by Clwyd Probert, CEO of Whitehat an Inbound Marketing Agency in London.

Establish an Optimal Marketing Budget for Your Business

Establish an Optimal Marketing Budget for Your Business with Our Pro Consultation Services Developing a dynamic and cohesive marketing strategy has become essential for you if you want to profit in today’s competitive marketplace. Online marketing [...]

4 Myths of Social Media Marketing

Social media. Where would we be without it? It might seem like it’s been around forever, but in just a few short years, it has changed the way we live personally and professionally. It has changed how we connect, how we share and how we keep in [...]

The Unified Business Model: Digital Agency Services

This is a transcript of a talk from HubSpot at the HubSpot User Group Meeting in June 2019 in London.

Make the Best Out for Your Business Through Facebook Ads Marketing

How Essential Facebook Ads Marketing Can Be To Your Business Business all over the world are constantly looking for ways to promote their product and increase sales. The internet, especially social media platforms offers a brilliant opportunity like [...]

Inbound Marketing Blueprint How To Build A Marketing Machine

This is a transcript of a talk from HubSpot at the HubSpot User Group Meeting on 18th September 2019 in London.

How To Use Video In Marketing And Sales To Drive Revenue Growth

This is a transcript of a talk from HubSpot at the HubSpot User Group Meeting in June 2019 in London.

Instagram Marketing for Business [The Definitive Guide]

Did you know over 500 million people use Instagram every day (Source: HubSpot)? Additionally, a whopping 75% of users take action on a post; like visiting a brand's website or making a purchase.

Instagram Marketing Tips For Charities & Non-Profits 2020

Ah, Instagram! The social media rock star that has captured the imagination of people of all ages, from every type of background, and, yes, celebrities' agents.  But, Instagram is an excellent tool for non-profits and charities, as well, and that's [...]

The Beginner’s Guide to Advertising your Business on Facebook

It's not really optional. In 2019, every business should at least consider advertising on Facebook. This is a company that reaches more than 2.4 billion monthly active users, which is more than a quarter of the world's current population. In the [...]

Video Marketing Increases Your Brand Engagement

Keep Potential Customers Engaged with Your Brand through Video Marketing Did you know how significant videos are for Internet users today? When it comes to providing valuable and engaging information online, most marketers turn to video content. The [...]

What is Pay Per Click Advertising? The Beginner's Guide to Google Ads

Digital marketing is complex. Without help, a single channel can take weeks and months to master in a way that builds revenue for your company. There are hundreds of possibilities, and not all of them are free.

Your 7-Step Guide To Successful HubSpot Sales Hub Deployment

Successful CRM deployment will not unfold on its own. It requires a clear strategy, technological support, and the commitment of stakeholders and staff. Most importantly, a well-defined, customized process is necessary to make a smooth transition to [...]

Case Study: What Does an Inbound Marketing Campaign Actually Look Like?

The theoretical benefits of inbound marketing are well established. An approach based on value, built on an in-depth understanding of your audience and market needs, will naturally drive more leads and customers than a simple push of promotional [...]

What is White Hat SEO?

White Hat in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a set of strategies used by site owners that increase the chances of being on the first page of search engines when certain keywords are typed in.

What is Black Hat SEO?

When it comes to driving traffic to your website, search engine optimisation (SEO) is one of the best methods to do so. If your site ranks high on search engines, such as Google and Bing, the likelihood that internet users come across your page is [...]

Google Grants for Charities: An In Depth Guide

Around the world, there are billions of individuals with the means to support charities. Although these numbers provide sky-high possibilities for support, the difficulty is in reaching a large group of this population. For non-profits, reaching a [...]

How To Run A PPC Audit

For those interested in learning more about online marketing, two tactics every online marketing pro must be familiar with are search-engine optimisation (SEO) and Google Ads also known as pay-per-click (PPC) marketing.

What Does an Adwords Management Company Do?

Whether you own a local business or are in charge of a company with international prospects, there is no more important time than the present to invest in online marketing strategies.

Best Pay-Per-Click Management Companies in the UK

Pay-per-click campaigns are one of the most efficient marketing strategies to employ. However, dealing with search engine ad algorithms makes it more difficult to get your advertisements seen by your targeted audience.

How do I pick a digital marketing agency?

Digital marketing can be a difficult field to navigate. For many busy business owners, learning and managing the marketing side of their business seems impossible.

What Does a Digital Marketing Agency Do?

  “Digital” Marketing The number of active “internet users” has increased every year for the last 20 years. The technological advancements of society has had a staggering effect on marketing. Marketing began as a simple job of posting an ad on your [...]

4 Of The UK's Best Digital Marketing Agencies (& One Bonus Agency)

From optimising pay per click ads to understanding the user experience of your website, knowing what metrics to analyse and what marketing strategies to employ requires expertise an average business usually falls short of. Digital marketing [...]

SEO vs PPC: Which Digital Marketing Strategy Is Best?

Choosing an online marketing strategy for an online business can be difficult. Businesses looking to drive more traffic to their websites are faced with the tough decision of choosing between Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC).

Professional Marketing Consultation

You want to get more customers You want to increase your sales You want to expand your brand And you want to grow your business.

Brian Halligan Talk - London HUG | Whitehat SEO

This is a transcript of the talk at the HubSpot User Group(HUG) meeting in June 2019 by Clwyd Probert, CEO of Whitehat an Inbound Marketing Agency in London.

13 Best PPC Bid And Campaign Management Tools [2019 UPDATE]

Introduction If you are planning to promote and market your business online, you just cannot avoid using pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Google, with its AdWords product, enjoys the lion's share in paid online advertising, but managing PPC bids can [...]

The Neuroscience of Big Brands | Brand Marketing Guidelines

Hubspot User Group Meeting February 2019 - London HUG

2019 Video In Business Benchmarks

Breaking Down the Vidyard 2019 Benchmark Report for B2B Video Content It's here! The Vidyard 2019 Benchmark Report has been an invaluable source of video content statistics over the last few years. This year's edition gives some incredible insights [...]

The Ultimate Guide to Retargeting: How to Win With Second Chance Conversions

You can build the most beautiful, smooth, and branded landing page ever. And, you can have an incredible website with the most intuitive, easy-to-use user interface. But, here's the thing. You're not going to convert everyone. In fact, you're only [...]

How To Build A Standardised Sales Process

  This is a transcript of the talk at the HubSpot User Group (The London HUG) meeting in April 2019 by Brian Sexton a Principal Channel Account Manager at HubSpot in Dublin.

The 21 Best Digital Marketing Blogs for 2019

The most influential blogs that you must subscribe to this year.

WordPress vs HubSpot How To Choose a CMS

Trying to decide which content management system to use? It's a tough choice. With the market saturated in CMS options (e.g., WordPress, HubSpot, Drupal, Joomla, etc.) picking the right one can seem daunting. After all, the CMS you choose is going [...]

The Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing Agencies: What Do They Do?

If you run a business, you've probably heard of digital marketing agencies before. But, what exactly do they do? Sure, digital marketing agencies, well, market your brand, but what does that consist of?

Service Hub: The Hard Truth About Your Customers

This is a transcript of the talk given by Stephen Higgins from HubSpot at the HubSpot User Group Meeting in September 2018 in London.

Inbound Updated A Summary Of [2018]

Hubspot User Group Meeting Meeting September 2018 - London HUG This is a transcript of the talk given by Pete Nichols ,from HubDo, at the HubSpot User Group Meeting in September 2018, in London.

Unlocking the Power of Video in Marketing & Sales

HubSpot User Group Meeting Meeting September 2018 - London HUG This is a transcript of the talk given by Michael Litt ,CEO of Vidyard, at the HubSpot User Group Meeting in September 2018, in London.

How to Attract Clients to Your Website

INTRODUCTION Whereas some companies take marketing seriously, others still make decisions on how to market based on chance. More resources need to be invested in marketing.

How To Use HubSpot for Event Marketing

This article is a summary of the presentation talk by Juliana Nicholson from HubSpot at the HubSpot User Group Meeting in June 2018. The full transcript of the talk and the video presentation can be seen by following this link. 

How HubSpot uses HubSpot for promoting HUGs [Video]

Note : You can download the slides from this presentation here . This is a transcript of the talk given by Juliana Nicholson from HubSpot at the HubSpot User Group Meeting in June 2018 in London.

Using Video In An Inbound Marketing Campaign

By telling a story Ellie, a video strategist form StoryMe, starts to explain how  to use videos as an inbound marketing tool. 

PPC Industry Report [2020]

Pay-per-Click Industry report: Generate Instant Traffic with PPC Marketing

B2B Sales and Marketing Networking

Target Relevant Groups and Connections Identify and target groups and connections which are relevant to your aims and capabilities. Relevance can be according to several different things, for example: Geography Size Sector Social grouping (e.g., [...]

How to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

How to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency: Your 8-Step Guide

Customer Development

Hubspot User Group Meeting December 2018 - London HUG

Social Media Tools [2019] Review

Impactful social media tools to save you time and money

How SEO really works in 2020

 (and what you should know about pillar page design)

15+ Website Design Ideas for Startup Businesses

Web design is the new frontier of a modern business. It is one of the most effective ways to drive more sales and growth for the business. It is also a great marketing technique for a product or a service to easily get found online.

HubSpot's 2018 Product Updates

For 2018, HubSpot created the Enterprise, Starter and Professional Growth Suites. You get a discount if you buy the three hubs together and the CRM is included in the package.

Integrate Pay Per Click Marketing Into Your Online Campaigns Today

  With many business owners like you also trying to get potential customers notice their business, simply having a website is not enough. You should do more to and because of tougher competition, relying on SEO alone just won’t cut it. With [...]

How to choose an SEO company for your business

How to find the perfect SEO agency for your website SEO service providers will almost always claim that they are the perfect solution to your online marketing problems.  Here's a list of things that sets apart the best SEO agencies and why you [...]

Veterinary Practice Online Marketing

Reach More Customers by Marketing Your Veterinary Practice Online

4 Ways to Grow Your Business at Trade Shows

Many businesses view a visit to a trade show as an opportunity to take a little time out from their hectic schedule, a way to show off their latest product or scope out the competition. Whilst all of those are perfectly acceptable ways to spend your [...]

Marketing For Accountants Take Your Firm to the Next Level

Invest Strategically in Your Inbound Marketing and Grow Your Accounting Firm Businesses that want to succeed in the digital age need to develop a strong online presence and dynamic digital marketing strategies. This rule applies to many industries, [...]

How to apply colour psychology to web design [Infographic]

(And build up a killer website that gets the user experience to be something special) Note :  This is a guest post written by Anthony Tisara from My Biz Niche. 

Inbound marketing strategy: How SEO and pillar pages really work

Most people don't really understand Search Engine Optimisation [SEO]

This Map Shows the Top 10 Countries with Most Facebook Users in Europe

Facebook has a myriad of marketing features available to businesses whilst dynamic video re-targeting campaigns from YouTube is highly effective as well. A picture can paint a thousand words on Instagram whilst LinkedIn is a great place to begin, [...]

How to innovate your content marketing strategy

This article is a summary of the HubSpot Academy masterclass about “Trailblazing your content marketing strategy”, by HubSpot content marketing professor Justin Champion. It forms part of the new search engine optimisation strategy (SEO) based [...]

Top B2B Sales Tips to Grow your Business

A guest blog by Maryann Thomas, Content Writer at CloudTask Which one are you?

Save the gorillas: Delighting people for the salvation of the planet

Hubspot User Group Meeting March 2018 - London HUG   This is the transcript of a talk given by Ian Redmond, tropical field biologist and conservationist. The talk was given at the HubSpot User Group meeting in March 2018. It was organised by [...]

Digital marketing is changing. What will happen to HubSpot?

This article is a summary of the presentation talk by Christian Kinnear, Managing Director EMEA at HubSpot, at the London HubSpot User Group meeting (London HUG) on the 12th of December 2017. The full transcript of the presentation can be found by [...]

Top Royalty Free Images Sites [2018] Inbound Marketing

Free Inbound Marketing Resources, Really? We all know that the best things in life don't come easy, but what we also know and believe in is the fact that the best things in life don't always come with a price. This mantra rings true especially when [...]

Align Sales and Marketing Teams

(and create a revenue engine) This article is a summary of the presentation talk by Dan Tyre from HubSpot at the HubSpot User Group Meeting in March 2018. The full transcript of the talk and the video presentation can be seen by following this link. 

Inbound Marketing Strategy: How to Align Sales and Marketing Teams

Hubspot User Group Meeting Meeting March 2018 - London HUG

Build A Better Qualified Lead

(And Win The Game At The Mid-Funnel) This article is a summary of the presentation talk by Ed Fry from at the HubSpot User Group Meeting in December 2017. The full transcript of the talk and the video presentation can be seen by following [...]

Inbound marketing strategy: How to build a better qualified lead

Hubspot User Group Meeting Meeting December 2017 - London HUG

Tips for a successful Inbound Marketing Strategy

This article is a summary of the presentation talk by HubSpot Partner Services Manager Karen Rafferty at the London HubSpot User Group meeting (London HUG) on the 27th of September 2017. The full transcript of the talk and the video presentation can [...]

How To Fix The Gaps In Your Marketing Strategy?

How To Fix The Gaps In Your Marketing Strategy Through A Simple Audit

Technical SEO Mistakes to Avoid

Let’s be frank - if you aren’t already implementing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in your marketing strategy, you should be. Optimizing your site for organic search can bring a lot value to your business by bringing you quality visitors and [...]

What is a Pillar Page?

What Are Pillar Pages and Why They Are Important For You? Pillar pages can help you maintain and hold up your sites architecture. Download this article as a free PDF to read and share, Click Here.

Why is GDPR important to marketers?

I'm going to talk for ten or fifteen minutes, just pitch it and ask questions whenever you want. I'm going to talk about a few things together. GDPR is something which is looming. Does anyone not know what GDPR stands for? Would anyone else like to [...]

Inbound marketing strategy (2018): Implementation tips

HubSpot User Group Meeting September 2017 - London HUG Note: You can download the slides from this presentation here. Great. And can everyone hear me OK? Good Morning Ladies and gentlemen. It is absolutely my pleasure to be here this morning. [...]

Account based marketing (ABM) for life science companies

B2B life science marketers are always interested in casting a wide net with their promotional campaigns in hopes of attracting as many companies as they can in their target market. Since marketing science professionals are always focused on creating [...]

10 Ways To Close More Deals In 2017 Inbound Sales

Are you working hard to increase your success rate this year? We bring you the latest Inbound Sales Techniques that not only generate more sales but will help you close more deals in 2017.

Digital Marketing for Solicitors: Be Found by Potential Clients Online

To get initial guidance, people nowadays use search engine to seek legal advice. Furthermore, people are using the power of the internet to find legal services nearby. Do you know that ninety-six (96%) percent of adults are looking for lawyers [...]

Market Your Law Firms Online With Effective Content Marketing Tactics

  Most people seeking legal advice use Google to get initial guidance. Around 85% of them use online maps to find legal service locations near them, whilst 69% of customers use both a smartphone and a desktop computer to do their research.

How Facebook Advertising Help Business Owners Find Their New Customers

Facebook has 1.23 billion daily active users on average, making it the biggest social networking site. Around 85 percent of all these users are from the U.S. and Canada. And, did you know that 1.15 billion of all daily active users access Facebook [...]

SEO copywriting: A content writing strategy

SEO copywriting is often considered by many as a challenge, but it can be quite simple if you follow a structured plan. Done well good website copywriting should be written in a way that is easy to understand, coherent and can prove to be one of the [...]

Video Marketing Statistics to Guide your Digital Marketing Decisions

Almost half of all Internet users look for videos related to a product or service before visiting a store in London and the United Kingdom. With 68 percent of YouTube users watched videos before deciding whether to purchase a product or not, you [...]

How Video Marketing Affect Your Potential Customers’ Buying Decision

  When you wanted to watch a video, did you turn to TV or did you log on to YouTube? If you answered YouTube, it shouldn’t be a surprise as a study shows that YouTube reaches more 18- to 49-year-olds than any broadcast or cable TV network.

The Latest PPC Industry Report on Implementing PPC Marketing

Pay-per-click Marketing or PPC, is a form of online marketing wherein ads are displayed when users enter search terms on search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo.  When running a PPC campaign, marketers can set when, where, and on which keywords do [...]

Online Reputation Repair: An Ingenious Content Generation Approach

    Modern consumers tend to believe almost everything they see on the Internet, especially as they look for particular products and services. For business owners, this trend could either be beneficial or detrimental to success as potential [...]

Earn your Potential Customers’ Trust through Online Reputation Repair

    It’s not enough for your business to have an online presence, especially if you don’t put a lot of effort into maintaining a healthy image on the Internet. Through Online Reputation Repair (ORR), you can restore the good standing and reinforce [...]

Charity Marketing Inbound For Charities and Non-Profits

Charity marketing, also known as cause marketing, is changing. Charities and non-profit organisations today need to find a more efficient ways to reach out to their target audience. Their marketing teams have been looking for an effective charity [...]

Check-In Your Hotel Management Business Plan With Inbound Marketing

There is a new realm of possibilities that open up doors to your hospitality business when you start using marketing your business inbound. Is your hotel management business plan checking in with the right inbound marketing mix for your business? [...]

Accelerate Your Hotel Business Plan With Inbound Marketing

  In the world of content marketing, being visible is everything. For hotel managers, start creating a hotel business plan with the help from a trusted inbound marketing agency to start your online campaign today. Create unique, excellently written [...]

Inbound Marketing for Hotels

If you wish to keep your hospitality business ahead of your competition, you must devise a marketing strategy that fully caters to the needs and demands of the market.  To be more precise, if you want to survive and have a competitive edge over [...]

Going Inbound: Marketing for your Hotel Accommodation Needs

  For any travel buff, accommodation is the first thing that enters their mind when it comes to deciding where to go. When travelling so far from home, it is easy to become lost in the options that have been given to you; from bedsits to grand, [...]

Inbound Marketing Leads for Life Science Providers

  Life science marketing is a relatively new field in that it encompasses a plethora of topics. From healthcare to food science, it is a broad, interdisciplinary study that is rooted firmly in scientific knowledge and observation. This sort of dry [...]

Inbound Marketing for Life Sciences: Blogs and Content Creation

  One of the ways that you can capitalise on your online presence is to apply inbound marketing strategies to your existing posts. This is a relatively cost-free way to ensure that your website gets higher click-through rates and customer [...]

An Inbound Marketing Checklist for Life Scientists

In a world where everyone is becoming increasingly mobile, scientific research must be written and delivered to the public in ways that they can understand. Given the effects of man-made environmental destruction becoming even more rampant with each [...]

Integrate Content Marketing With Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation and content marketing are often viewed as separate online marketing strategies.  Some marketers only focus on UK SEO without doing content marketing while others think that doing content marketing eliminates the need for [...]

Inbound Marketing Spotlight: Instagram

   When we think of communicating, we often think of what we can do with words. Text-based media often requires less space, and photographs usually took a long time to process before you could view them. Today however, there are many forms of [...]

PPC Management Company: How To Find A PPC Agency in London

Marketing has always been an open-ended art, where there are no rules. Traditionally, fledgling businesses would have trouble trying to establish themselves as effective advertising is often difficult with limited capital. With various inbound [...]

Inbound Marketing - How To Improve Your Google Rankings

It's hard to argue with the notion that Google is the king of internet search engines. It’s not the only one out there of course, but it’s fair to say that it’s the biggest and most widely used. It has developed so much since it started in 1998, [...]

Inbound Marketing: Questions for Self-Starters

   Establishing yourself in the world of business is not an easy feat. With so much competition in the world, there is a growing number of businesses that turned to best inbound marketing companies to set themselves apart from everybody else. When [...]

Life Science Marketing: Inbound Sales & Marketing Strategy

Inbound Marketing For Life Sciences - What's it all about? In the world of life science marketing there are some basic factors to consider independent of the product or service that you are providing. You could be marketing pharmaceuticals or lab [...]

Inbound Marketing: DELIGHT - Social Monitoring

We’ve made it! After 15 fantastic blogs, we’ve finally reached the end of our journey through inbound marketing. Since we started, we’ve looked at how to attract visitors to your website, how to convert them into leads, close those leads into sales [...]

Inbound Marketing: DELIGHT - Smart Text

We’re nearly there! This is the penultimate blog in our journey through the inbound marketing methodology. As the ‘Delight’ segment comes to a close, we’re going to take a look at smart text, sometimes referred to as smart content. In our last blog, [...]

Grow Your Business With A Successful SEO Campaign

  Many marketers get stuck with the technical aspects of SEO that they tend to overlook the most factors that make websites worthy of Google’s nod, as well as the users’ thumbs up. Creating useful content and great user experience for your target [...]

Inbound Marketing DELIGHT - Smart Calls-to-Action

  The end is nigh! Don’t worry, it’s not a premonition about the end of the world, but fair warning that we’re approaching the end of our journey through the inbound marketing methodology. As we continue to look at the ‘Delight’ segment, we’ve [...]

Let Social Media Optimisation Boost Your Business Marketing Strategy

Social Media is a platform where users are able to create content, share and distribute content as well as participate in social discussions. Studies show that one in six minutes online is now spent on social network. Here are some statistics that [...]

Inbound Marketing: DELIGHT - Surveys

As we’ve worked our way through the inbound marketing methodology, so far we’ve looked at attracting visitors, converting them into leads and worked on closing the loop that turns them into customers. You might think that now they’ve bought [...]

Social Media Spotlight: Twitter Inbound Marketing

When was the last time you heard the word “tweet” referenced to a bird? These days, tweeting is mostly done by humans in a record 340 million times a day, all thanks to a nifty little website – and now mobile app – called Twitter. The influence of [...]

Make or Break Your Inbound Marketing Practice With These Tips

It is now much easier to create your own fifteen minutes of fame. As seen in the popularity of celebrities discovered on the Internet, there is a sudden shift with how people consume media – and indeed, on how they connect with others. Interpersonal [...]

Bespoke Fit: Foolproof Inbound Marketing Solutions

There was once a time when expanding and growing a business became very costly. It meant the presence of a physical space in the area you want to expand to, or else costly shipping and courier fees. This is no longer the case. Cookie cutter shapes [...]

The Easy Way to Go Global With Inbound Marketing

At it’s core, inbound marketing is a fairly straightforward proposition. Great content generates web traffic which, in turn, allows you access to more people who share your business interests and are primed to become sales leads. Simple. The [...]

Your Business Success Can Largely Depend On Social Media Marketing

  Social media networks are growing steadily and they are providing businesses opportunities to reach out to a bigger audience.   Brands are engaging their customers and would-be customers in social media at this very moment, delighting them, [...]

Inbound Marketing: CLOSE - Marketing Automation

It feels like, no sooner did we start our walk through the ‘Close’ aspect of inbound marketing methodology, than we’ve already come to the end of it. The final part of the puzzle looking at how you go about closing the loop, turning those visitors [...]

Inbound Marketing: CLOSE - Email

As we make our way through the ‘Close’ section of the inbound marketing methodology, we’ve reached the point at which we talk about email. It may seem like email marketing is too closely associated with the bad old days of outbound, but that’s not [...]

5 Ways To Optimise Your Digital Marketing Budget

These turbulent economic times we’ve all been going through for the last few years have taken their toll on almost every business. As consumers cut back on spending and have less disposable income to play with, those in the manufacturing, electronic [...]

Upgrade a Mobile-Friendly Website for your Car Body Repair Business

In today’s digitally driven world, there’s no doubt that online platforms are easily overtaking traditional channels in terms of how customers get access to information. Business owners can no longer disregard digital media when it comes to running [...]

Think Like an Engineer to Improve your B2B Sales Approach

In business, many people pigeonhole others into departments they think they are best suited for, based on their personality. Many believe you need a particular set of skills to make it as a salesman, a creative bent to succeed as a marketer or a [...]

3 Ways To Combine Inbound Marketing With Outbound Marketing

It will come as no surprise to most of you that we’re a big fan of inbound marketing. We strongly believe in the methodology behind it, but we also understand that the more traditional outbound marketing ethos is still widely used. Whilst many of [...]

Inbound Marketing: CLOSE - Closed-Loop Reporting

Hot on the heels of our last blog looking at customer relationship management, we’re now going to take a look at closed-loop reporting. The CRM blog looked at how you can utilise a computerised system to track and manage the contacts, opportunities [...]

Inbound Marketing: CLOSE - CRM

Here we go. We’re now over halfway on our journey towards a sustainable and effective inbound marketing campaign. The last 8 blogs we’ve brought you have all been geared to attracting the right visitors and converting the right leads. We’re now [...]

5 Easy Tips to Becoming a Better Networker

  Networking has been the lifeblood of business for many years. Taking any and every opportunity to meet a wider range of suppliers, new business partners and potential customers has been a proven strategy almost everywhere business is done. Whether [...]

Mark Your Inbound Marketing Tactics With Authorship

  Imagine that you’re a writer named John Smith. With the Internet being the vast network that it is, you would want to publish content on it. You start a blog, and with a little inbound marketing, you soon you start a following and web traffic.

Take Inbound Marketing Over Outbound

There used to be a time when all you could see on TV were advertisements, flyers, cold-callers on your telephone that want to sell you a certain product. Well, times are changing; nowadays, customer feedback and interaction is crucial to keeping a [...]

Inbound Marketing: CONVERT - Contacts

We’re fast approaching halfway on our journey through the inbound marketing methodology. This blog also marks the end of our look at the Convert section. Over the last three posts, we’ve looked at how to attract visitors and collect their important [...]

Inbound Marketing: CONVERT - Landing Pages

In our previous blog, we talked about how to utilise Calls-to-Action buttons on your website to encourage visitors to take action. They can be an incredibly useful tool for any business wanting to attract and engage with their audience. 

Social Media Works for B2B Sales, Too

Do you remember a time when we didn’t have social media? It feels like it’s been around forever, but it’s only in recent years that it has become an increasingly important part of our lives. It’s moved from a tool used for personal interaction into [...]

Inbound Marketing: CONVERT - Calls To Action

As we continue our journey through the ‘Convert’ section of inbound marketing, we’re working towards turning visitors to our website into leads. In our last blog, we talked about the use of forms on your web pages to capture their all important [...]

Inbound Marketing: CONVERT - Forms

In our previous blog posts, we took a closer look at the first stage of the inbound marketing methodology; the ‘Attract’ segment. In those blogs, we highlighted the initial steps of turning strangers to your website into regular, engaging visitors. [...]

Inbound Marketing: ATTRACT - Social Publishing

We’ve made it. We’re at the end of our brief journey through the first step of inbound marketing; Attract. In this last part we’re going to be discussing an aspect that most of us have become very comfortable with in recent years, at least in our [...]

SEO Ranking Factors Study – A Glimpse At Our New Product Direction

Ever wonder why your Google page rankings never seem to change? It may seem that search engines bring out results based on relevance, but with a little insider know-how, you can figure out a way to market yourself and – literally – come out on top.

Use Changes in Procurement to Your Advantage

  The rise of the internet and the inter-connectivity of the world around us has had an incredible impact on almost every aspect of our lives. From the time-intensive social media that consumes our personal lives to the convenience of online [...]

3 Mistakes You're Making On Your Content Creation Strategy

There’s an old adage that ‘content is king’. It may be old, but it absolutely stands the test of time, even in these days of fast-moving technology, complex electronics and huge leaps in manufacturing industries. Almost everyone goes to a website [...]

Inbound Marketing Website Design: What The Internet Looks Like In 2016

Inbound Marketing & The Attract Stage, A Responsive Growth Driven Website Design We’re now more than halfway through our journey looking at the first ‘Attract’ segment of inbound marketing. Today we’re going to be looking at pages, or more [...]

Inbound Marketing SEO As A Way To Attract New Visitors & Leads

If you’ve read our first blog about the enormous power of, well, blogs, you’ll already have an interest in an inbound marketing strategy and you’ll understand their role in attracting people to your website. If you haven’t, it’s linked here. [...]

Business Benefits of Blogging

The Inbound Marketing Blog For many people, keeping a journal will seem like an old-fashioned pastime from a bygone age and yet, if we called it blogging, it suddenly seems modern and interesting. Fundamentally, they are one and the same, but [...]

Overtake Competitors By Marketing Your Car Body Repair Services Online

Market Your Car Body Repair Services Online To Steer Customers In Your Direction Drivers and Car Owners Look for Service Providers Online. According to Google, there are 70,000,000 aftermarket service searches on Google every month. This opportunity [...]

HVAC Contractors Should Implement Dynamic Digital Marketing Strategies

HVAC Contractors Need To Implement A Dynamic Digital Marketing Strategy To Gain An Edge Over Their Competitors The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) contractors industry in the United Kingdom is seen to pick up as the demand for [...]

Heat Up Your HVAC Business With A Cool Digital Marketing Tactic

Condition Your HVAC Business Presence To Heat Up With Online Marketing Over the next several years, demand for HVAC contractors is projected to climb momentously. According to the latest statistics from Statista, the global market for HVAC system [...]

Whitehat SEO Launches Website for JoJo Thompson, Personal Trainer

London Personal Trainer's Site Clearly and Cleanly Articulates Her Vision London, UK, OCT 4, 2015 – Providing a site as fit and professional as she is, London based White Hat SEO in London ( is excited to announce the launch [...]

The Importance Of Writing Down Your Work Process

Development of Written Procedures and their Importance This article is one of a series that will focus on the process of running a successful business. It covers business process techniques used at Whitehat SEO and is written by one of our in-house [...]

Highlight Your Optometry Services Online With A Digital Marketing Plan

Develop A Digital Marketing Plan To Reach More Potential Patients and Expand Your Optometry Services Online For optometrists in the UK, the biggest challenge for their practice is not the lack of demand — but possibly, the means to market their [...]

Visualise On Digital Marketing Tactics for Your Optometry Practice

It’s Clear—You Need Digital Marketing for Your Optometry Practice to be More Visible Online A huge majority of the British population rely on optometrists for primary eye care. In fact, 74% of people in the UK either wear corrective eyewear or have [...]

Be The Best Plumber in Town By Establishing Your Online Presence Today

With Digital Marketing Today, A Plumber Needs to Channel Visibility to His or Her Potential Customers Online You may be the best plumber in your town or city, but if you don’t market your services online, you’ll lose out on an important source of [...]

Newly Launched London Plumbing Website Heating Up The Rankings

Whitehat SEO in London Strikes Google Gold With Another Successful Launch London, UK, SEP 5, 2015 – White Hat SEO ( has just launched another hot new client website 'LB Plumbing and Heating' which is quickly gaining in the web [...]

Press Release - New Website For Locked Out Locksmiths London

Client Site is User Friendly, Secure Optimized Site London, UK, SEP 4, 2015 – Combine their vision and preferences to produce a web page design that is uniquely theirs, London based White Hat SEO ( is excited to announce the [...]

Most Common Site Platform Wordpress Subject to Security threat

Brute Force Attack Meant to Gain One's Password London, UK, SEP 10, 2015 – In April 2015, there were nearly 170,000 Brute Force attack attempts on WordPress sites worldwide. This was almost a tripling of the previously recorded data to date. In [...]

Press Release - New Reputation Marketing Training


Install A Dynamic Digital Marketing Plan For Your Plumbing Business

Plumbers Need to Implement a Dynamic Digital Marketing Strategy to Grow Their Plumbing Business There is now a huge demand for skilled plumbers in Britain, particularly in major cities like London. This demand is partially being driven by the acute [...]

Channel Your Plumbing Services Online and Attract More Customers

Online Marketing Lets Your Plumbing Services Reach More Customers Today Due to great demand for housing services, housing will account for over a third (37%) of the UK’s total annual construction output between 2014 and 2018. This includes plumbing [...]

Improve onsite SEO with these SEO tips


Press Release - Facebook Ads Marketing

Whitehat SEO Ltd, a London marketing company, has published a comprehensive online guide on the best practices and techniques in using Facebook ads marketing. Facebook is the leading social media site in the world, with millions of personal members, [...]

Build A Solid Digital Marketing Strategy For Your Estate Agency

Why Estate Agents Need a Solid Digital Marketing Strategy to Grow Their Businesses Residential property in the United Kingdom is at a steady growth. According to Property Partner, the market is now valued at more than £5 trillion and buy-to-let [...]

Increase the Visibility of Your Estate Agency Services Online

Build and Establish Your Estate Agency Services Online With Digital Marketing Revenue from residential property sales in the UK account for a huge part of the overall economic revenue.

Dominate Google SERPs By Upgrading To A Mobile-Friendly Website

Have you upgraded your site to a mobile-friendly website already? 21 April 2015 — the date of the big Google mobile-friendly algorithm update.

Expand Your Brand’s Online Visibility Through Brand Optimisation

Know Why Your Business Need Brand Optimisation Today How will your brand become more familiar with your potential customers?

Expand Your Brand’s Online Presence With Brand Optimisation

Are you struggling to market your brand’s products or services online? Is your brand being optimised the right way for you to get more exposure and traffic?

Market Your Obstetrics and Gynaecology Practice Online Today

Attract More Patients By Marketing Your Obstetrics and Gynaecology Practice Online Women do not readily and openly discuss delicate medical issues. But seventy four percent (74%) of them go to the Internet to research about specific diseases or [...]

How Can Video Marketing Increase Your Conversion Rates

Tap into Video Marketing to Boost Your Conversion Rates, Increase Your Sales, and Grow Your Business It’s undeniable that people are spending more and more time watching videos online. According to a report released by comScore, 100 million Internet [...]

Your Obs and Gyny Practice Needs A Mobile-Friendly Site

Having a Responsive and Mobile-Friendly Website Can Help Your Obstetrics and Gynaecology Practice Penetrate a Larger Market Segment This is a fact: Because mobile phones are seen as a very personal gadget, most women choose to use their smartphones [...]

Attract Potential Patients for Your Obstetrics Practice

Plan an Online Marketing Campaign Today and Attract More Potential Patients for Your Obstetrics and Gynaecology Practice For some women, it isn’t easy to open up about delicate medical issues. However, studies suggest that many of them tend to [...]

Infographic - Increase your Client Flow through Digital Marketing

Online Marketing Counts for Accounting Firms: Here are the Numbers…

Let your Cosmetic Surgery Practice be Visible Online

Give your Cosmetic Surgery Practice a New Face through Digital Marketing We haven’t found the fountain of youth, but the closest thing we have is cosmetic surgery. If the selfies on social media say anything, it’s that people want to literally put [...]

Marketing for your Cosmetic Surgery Practice in the Age of Selfies

The ‘Selfie’ Era: How your Cosmetic Surgery Practice can Take Advantage of the Changes in Consumer Behaviour Before the widespread introduction of digital technology, most cosmetic surgeons’ marketing efforts consisted of adding listings to the [...]

You Need Online Marketing for your Cosmetic Surgery Practice!

Give Your Cosmetic Surgery Practice the Lift it Needs with Online Marketing

How Your Restaurant Can Benefit from the Growing Mobile Trend

Benefits of the Growing Mobile Trend for Restaurant Owners Imagine this: Your restaurant offers great food and excellent customer service. It’s found in one of the most accessible locations in the city. You occasionally post promos on your doors in [...]

Market your Restaurant Online Today!

Is your Restaurant found by Hungry Customers Today? People are now asking online, “Where should I eat today?”

Here’s what you Need to Know about Online Marketing in your Industry

Can Hungry Customers Find your Business Today? Restaurants Dominate the Local Search and Mobile Landscape

Invest in Digital Marketing and Take Your Company to Greater Heights

Invest in Digital Marketing and Take Your Company to Greater Heights As the old business adage goes, it takes money to make money.

Google’s Recommended Mobile Friendly Configuration

Mobile Internet users are expected to outnumber desktop users by next year. It is therefore no surprise that Google is paying close attention to this development. And so should you. Because if your website is not yet “mobile responsive,” you may be [...]

Responsive Web Design Makes Your Website Mobile and Customer Friendly

                  Many business owners today tend to ignore the importance of having a mobile friendly or “responsive” website. Without realizing it, they may be losing prospective leads and sales because their website is not designed to load [...]

Infographic – Mobile Responsive Web Design for More Leads & Sales

Go for Mobile Responsive Web Design [Infographic] Getting More Leads and Sales, Not Just Fancy Cosmetic Redesign Implementing responsive web design means opening up your online storefront to mobile visitors, effectively increasing your chances of [...]

Social Media Optimisation: Know Your Social Buyer Anatomy & Get Sales

Social media optimsation is a known business necessity. Owners understand that for their venture to withstand the competition and survive in the current economic environment, they need to be on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. They need [...]

Infographic – Social Media Optimisation is Essential to Success

Why is Social Media Optimisation Essential to Your Success? Social media optimisation is a marketing strategy that’s simply too important to ignore. Social networks are growing steadily and they are providing small businesses an opportunity to reach [...]

Infographic - SEO Goes Natural & Social with High Quality Content

SEO Goes Natural & Social with High Quality Content How to Comply with Google Panda and Penguin Updates Doing effective SEO has evolved into a more "natural” and “social" process. Algorithm updates, particularly Google’s Penguin and Panda, are [...]

PPC Management Company For Instant Traffic and Positive ROI

Pay Per Click Advertising Agency: Online Marketing with Instant, Highly-targeted Traffic and Measurable ROI for Your Business Business owners are reluctant to engage in online marketing activities with a pay per click agency not because they don’t [...]

Why Businesses are Spending, Money on PPC Management [Infographic]

Pay per click management: Why businesses are spending and earning more on ppc ads Years ago, businesses realised that their prospects are online and that if they want to reach their target market, they need to have a website. But today, due to [...]

Online Reputation Management: Content & Social Media, Not Fake Reviews

Online Reputation Management: Leveraging Content & Social Media, Not Fake Reviews

Hiring an Online Marketing Agency: Qualities to Look For

Qualities of an Effective Online Marketing Company: Guide for Business Owners To give your business a solid online presence, you need the help of a digital marketing firm. Research shows that in 91% of small businesses, the CEO also serves as the [...]

How Top Inbound Marketing Agencies Work: Company Overview

[Video] Inbound Marketing Company and Services Overview: How Does Our London Marketing Agency Actually Work? The necessity for your business to have an outstanding online presence and website has never been greater. For this reason, many London [...]

Online Marketing Agency Services Scorecard [Infographic]

How to Evaluate Your Online Marketing Company [Infographic] Business owners nowadays understand the importance of working with an online marketing agency or trusted marketing consultant. London business owners won’t need to learn the technical [...]

Free Marketing Consultation | Digital Marketing Agency Review

Free Pro Consultation Worth £1000 with Competition Analysis Reports, and an Online Marketing Services Blueprint

Track your Online Marketing Investment the Smart Way

Invest in Your Online Marketing the Smart Way by Tracking and Measuring Your Online Presence, Rankings, and Traffic Sure, you’ve invested a considerable amount of money into your online marketing campaigns, and you’re beginning to see positive [...]

You need to track your organic presence and traffic metrics

Sure, your website looks nice… but are you even sure that it is actually getting traffic? Do you have any analytic code installed on your website? How many people are visiting each month? How many are new visitors? What's your bound rate and what is [...]

Take Your Brand Seriously: Why You Need to Optimize Your Brand

Having a brand is beyond having a name, term, sign, symbol or design, or a combination of these to identify products and services and to differentiate them from others. Having a brand means having a set of values or associations that your target [...]

Web site audit: 10 website improvements for better SEO results

A web site audit report thoroughly checks your website so you’re certain that it’s SEO-friendly and gives visitors and potential customers a great user experience. Better SEO means your website is more visible to your prospects. It means they can [...]

Website Audit Shows Why Your Website Is Not Ranking On Google

Through their website, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are able to compete with larger corporations that are equipped with bigger marketing budgets. It’s no surprise that SMB owners ranked “website” as their top digital marketing solution. [...]

7 Marketing Benefits Of A Website Audit

When small and medium-sized business (SMB) owners are presented with the idea of a website audit report, they usually think of a technical website check. And this is correct… partly. It is true that an audit will examine the website’s back-end, [...]

Three Effective White Hat SEO Techniques to Help Your Business Succeed

One of the primary goals of a search engine optimisation campaign is to get websites to the top of search engine results pages (SERPs). However, there are some companies that employ shortcuts to achieve this goal, and such practices are regarded as [...]

Maximise SEO Services in London: Tips for the Hospitality Industry

Before the Internet came along, the hospitality industry relied heavily on broadcast and print media, as well as direct mail and public relations, for business advertising. Today, things are drastically different. SEO in London has changed things a [...]

Online Reputation Management: A Few Tips to Avoid a Delisting Request

When a European court recently upheld the “right to be forgotten” rule and instructed search engine Google to remove past information about a person that are already irrelevant and inadequate, it was a victory for online reputation management [...]

New Domain Names Make Restaurants Easier to Find on Google Places U.K.

As of late June, 2012, there are over 57 million people in the United Kingdom (at precisely 83.6% of its overall population) who use the Internet to keep abreast of current events, stay in touch with friends and colleagues, and even look up [...]

Pointers to Drive your Social Media Strategy with Facebook as Platform

Even if you know all about marketing your business online, you will still find social media marketing a challenge because many of the marketing techniques you learned won’t apply to such platforms. Take Facebook for instance: people don’t really go [...]

Your SEO Company and You: Tips on Writing Reader-Friendly Blog Posts

Search engine optimisation (SEO) today demands nothing less than high-quality, relevant, and reader-friendly content, which explains the need for every business website to have its own blog, regardless if it’s in Lambeth, Newham, Kingston, or [...]

Marketing During World Cup? Search Engine Consultants Problem

"All eyes are on Brazil ahead of the opening ceremony of the Fifa World Cup 2014.

SEO in London—Stop Twitter Followers from Clicking that Mute Button

"Twitter announced today it is introducing a new "Mute" button that allows users to silence their friends without unfollowing them.

Ethical SEO Services Boost Your Google Ranking and Digital Reputation

The most recent Google algorithm updates shifted the focus to high-quality and relevant content as a countermeasure against those who are trying to game the system, so to speak. As a result, websites that provide clear, concise, and informative [...]

Effective Online Reputation Management Secures a Company’s Bottom Line

Henry Ford once said that a reputation can’t be built solely on what one intends to do. In short, a person’s reputation is determined by what one has already accomplished. In business terms, a company can maintain a good reputation by providing [...]

Marketing your Hotel with a Local PPC Agency

It’s not unusual for people to want to take time off and get pampered in luxurious surroundings, such as a hotel with a respectable number of stars. In his piece for 4Hoteliers, Vikram Singh states the importance of pay per click management for [...]

Infographic: 10 Indispensable Benefits of Online Reputation Management

Appear, Engage, & Influence: Get the 10 Benefits of Online Reputation Management [Infographic] Online reputation management (ORM) is an important aspect in the online marketing arena. While it is used to improve a business’s or a person’s reputation [...]

A Social Media Agency Helps Businesses with Social Network Engagement

Before the Internet came along, word of mouth meant that product opinions came from actual conversations with friends or family, which were then passed around from one person to another. These days, however, people make use of social networking [...]

Working with an SEO Company: 3 Key Strategies for Online Retailers

In the UK, it’s been said time and again that online shopping has been increasing in leaps and bounds. One industry which can attest to this exponential growth is the logistics industry. According to the Financial Times writer Jane Wild, many [...]

A Skilled SEO Consultant on Maintaining an Excellent Online Reputation

If two friends came up to you and asked if they could borrow €500, who would you rather lend the money to? The person known to settle his debts on time or the person who has a reputation for dodging calls when payback time comes along? It’s an easy [...]

Tips from an Adept SEO Agency to Attract More Readers for Your Content

You’re writing stellar content, yet your reads barely crack a hundred. At this point, you might be wondering what you’re doing wrong. Isn’t that why you’re here now? First: cheer up! Many writers face the problem of having a small readership. [...]

Content Marketing and Other Stellar SEO Services That Boost Ranking

You’ve probably realized that in this Digital Age, owning a business website is now a must rather than a luxury. Unfortunately, simply owning a website isn’t enough to draw in the customers your business needs. According to several studies, 75% of [...]

Effective Reputation Management for Hotels: Putting Best Foot Forward

Hotel operators count on fast, quality service to keep guests coming back. However, a few slights (or even just one) may be enough for a customer to spread ill word about the establishment. Hotel marketing professional Alain Classe explains:

Beat Negative Reviews about Your Business with Online Reputation

Online reviews can impact your reputation and eventually your whole business. That’s a fact. Want proof? According to research, a massive 80% of consumers can change their purchase decision after reading a negative review online. They do this even [...]

Social Media Agency Launches Training Videos on SEO and Social Media

London, Greater London (April 21, 2014) – Whitehat Ltd., a leading social media agency and specialist in SEO in London, said it will launch a series of training video courses for search engine optimisation (SEO)and social media marketing. The videos [...]

The Solicitors Group Designates Whitehat as their Preferred SEO Agency

London, Greater London (April 21, 2014) – The experienced SEO marketing agency, Whitehat SEO in London, recently marked another milestone in its history. The company recently received the distinction of being chosen as the exclusive preferred [...]

Whitehat SEO Ltd. Unveils Free E-book About Reputation Management

Shepherd's Bush, London (April 21, 2014) – Trusted online marketing agency Whitehat SEO Ltd.recently launched a free e-book to support various businesses on the best practices in reputation management. Titled “How To Make Money Using the Power of [...]

A Trustworthy SEO Company Makes High-quality and Powerful Content

The SEO industry is entirely dependent on the algorithms set by search engines. All SEO marketing companies should move along with algorithm changes to maintain their ranks on search results. With algorithms changing over 500 times each year, the [...]

Boosting Search Engine Marketing With Reliable Whitehat SEO Tactics

As more and more people are looking into the World Wide Web for data and information, several developers are establishing ways to drive more users into their web sites, because more traffic means more revenue. A WP Matter article dated February 14, [...]

Why Should Small Businesses Hire a Dedicated Social Media Agency?

Starting a small business can be greatly rewarding, but you’ll also face huge challenges in the process. For starters, you have to develop a winning product or service from scratch. When you have a business plan in order, you then have to pitch it [...]

The Right SEO Company for the Job—An Introduction to Google Authorship

It is the goal of every company with an SEO strategy to land on Page One of Google’s search results. That’s the reason for all the interest in Pay-per-Click marketing, local SEO, website optimisation, and hiring the right SEO company for the job. [...]

Practicing White Hat SEO by Fending off Shady Black Hat Techniques

When it comes to online marketing, search engine optimisation or SEO is currently one of the most efficient ways big and small businesses can make themselves visible to their target consumers. However, while reputable white hat SEO providers take [...]

Good Online Reputation Management Helps Businesses Grow Again

Everyone has made a mistake at least once in their lifetime. It is through these mistakes that people learn and grow as they move on from that mistake. However, the development of technology, particularly the Internet, has made it possible to [...]

Saving Google Places in the U.K. from Lies: Reporting Fake Listings

Not even Google Maps is safe from spam, at least before Google released a patch. According to security consultant Bryan Seele, messing with the name of a business prior to the patch was easy (though he refused to go into detail). It’s a worrisome [...]

The Business Show Olympia London

Free Seminar on Reputation Marketing I'm really excited to be speaking at The 30th Business Show and Business Startup, and I have limited free tickets available for this event taking place at Olympia, London on 28/29th November. I'll be talking [...]

Social Media Optimization: A Business Necessity, Not a Luxury

Did you know that within the social media space, there are conversations happening at this very moment that will define your brand? If you don’t capitalise on this vast and growing landscape, your competitors will, and you won’t like the outcome. As [...]

Why is Social Media Optimization Essential to Your Success?

Social media optimization is a marketing strategy that’s simply too important to ignore. Social networks are growing steadily and they are providing small businesses an opportunity to reach out to a bigger audience. In today’s online world, you [...]

Responsive Web Design: Advantages of a Mobile Friendly Website

Many business owners today tend to ignore the importance of having a mobile friendly or “responsive” website. Without realizing it, they may be losing prospective leads and sales because their website is not designed to load properly on mobile [...]

How To Build, Protect & Promote Your Online Reputation

Our my goal over the next series of articles is to teach you 'step-by-step' how to dominate your market online. At White Hat we are the experts in local online marketing. The proprietary system and marketing strategies I'm going to be giving you [...]


When website visitors land on your web site, they seek visual signs that your site is reliable and this is true even more that ever before. Remember that search engines would like to know that your web site is trust worthy and dependable and the [...]

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